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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Dugan, Tim]

Hey pally,

Found a bit of information that I thought you might be interested in. Some old friends in SHIELD's bio-terrorism unit said that there's a rumour that a facility connected with something called 'WEAPONX' just had a location leaked. I dig some digging and apparently it suffered a major breach, and the entire facility was closed to due to contamination. There's no information regarding just what they were cooking in there, but I spent a bit of human capital. I should have a general location soonish.

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Email 1
Kyle - I need you to come home as soon as you possibly can. Your dad was in a car accident, and they're keeping him in traction at the hospital. I won't be able to pick you up at the airport, but I'll have someone come get you. I need you here as soon as you can to help with things. Sorry I won't be able to get you myself.
Return Voicemails
Voicemail 1
Ugh, Mom, turn your ringer on, jesus. Call me when you get this. I booked the next flight out, I will text you flight info in ten. Dori's driving me to the airport, you don't need to call me a cab, I can rent a car okay?
Voicemail 2
Mom, they let you use phones on planes now, so call me when you get this.
Voicemail 3
Yes I got the cab info I could have rented a car fine though. Call me?


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