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to: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]


Rachel has struck out with my initial starting points for Xorn, and I'm going to be sending David North into the field to support her efforts. I have the suspicion that her personality and experience in her old world is getting in the way. I hoped that her psionic abilities might draw Xorn out, but so far, no luck. So, time to abandon the stalking horse approach and go back to straight investigation.

I'll keep you updated as to their progress, but my gut feeling tells me that Xorn isn't going to be found until he wants to be found, and I don't have any bright ideas on how to make that happen.

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To: Angelo
From: Rahne
Subject: That seemed like an odd reaction.

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To: Laurie Collins
From: Rahne Sinclair
Subject: Jokes and Unexpected Transformations

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To: [Pietro Maximoff]
From: [Rahne Sinclair]
Subject: Question

I'm not entirely sure I know you well enough to ask this, but are you all right? Relatively speaking?

Your scent is somewhat more changed than some of the others, and then, there are the bandages. Granted the bandages indicate having been seen to already, but still. Let me know if there's something I can do.

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To: [boathouse crew]
From: [the boss]
Subject: invitation

So I got a call this morning from Hungary. Elpis has been invited to send representatives to Budapest next weekend, for the dedication service for their bombing memorial. At least a couple of people will be coming from Tel Aviv, but we were specifically invited to bring as many people as we wanted.

I was thinking, actually, I might propose this to the staff as a field trip, get some of the kids and anyone else who's interested to come along too. Certainly, I want to check with Sooraya and Yvette when they get back from this weekend's field trip - I think it would do them both good to see Budapest.

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To: [Jennifer Stavros]
From: [Rahne Sinclair]
Re: Apology

I suppose what I ought to do is just accept this and let it lie. I know better than to hold grudges, and I know better than to think you were really malicious, whatever you meant.

But the believing you part is... Actually, making sense of the whole thing is giving me trouble. What you're apologizing for seems not to be what I saw you do. You said more than once to me that you were, in fact, speaking to and about those of us at Elpis. Now you're saying you were not. Although even if you were addressing your classmates, I'm not seeing much reason they should have to shut up about the news, a day after a fairly striking update, for your convenience. I get tired of hearing about things I've no way to fix too, though in my case that's part of the job, but that's no call to tell them to be quiet about it.

Also, the "pitchfork-wielding mob" comment in your Oscars post makes it sound like you feel unjustly persecuted, when as far as I can tell nearly everyone who commented had jumped in on your behalf anyway.

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To: [Espinosa, A] [Sinclair, R] [Drake, B] [Dayspring, N] [Wisdom, p]
from: [Stavros, J]

First things first.

What I said last night was due to being stressed out and feeling helpless, and was directed at my peers instead of the people at Elpis. I am extremely, incredibly sorry for your loss, and words cannot adequately express how unutterably stupid I am for even letting you believe otherwise. You have nothing but my sympathy and respect.

Please believe me when I say I did not intend to insult or demean you in any way last night. My ire was directed at my peers, who have talked of nothing but fatalism all week. I should know better than to open my big mouth when I'm pissed off and tired.

- Jennie
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To: [overtime pair]
From: [the boss]
Subject: all right...

Time to stand down, I think. Everything on the critical list is done, and Joel, when I just talked to him, is of the opinion that we've actually put ourselves in a position of being ahead, project-wise, which he deems "pretty damned remarkable". So I want you two to finish whatever you're working on right now, and then leave the office. Juliette's going to do the exact same thing - she will be back on Monday to answer phones, etc, but I don't want either of you setting foot near the boathouse until Tuesday.

I don't know how to thank either of you. This was above and beyond. I'm very proud of both of you, and honored to be working with you. And clearly, getting a little mushy here, so finish whatever you're working on and get moving. Fresh air is a beautiful thing.

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To: [Rahne]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Help me?

I know he hasn't had a break in ages. Make him take one. Lie if you have to.


To: [Bobby]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Stop working

Just for an hour. Please?

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To: [Rahne]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: a thought

And one that I had quite some time ago, but it's been a little hectic and for some reason it took sitting here in this exceptionally dull meeting - incidentally, remind me to tell you more later about how the Argentine ambassador is a pontificating twit - to remember that I hadn't asked you yet. I don't know if you have specific plans for Christmas, but if not, Moira and I would love to have you on Muir. Angelo and his mother are coming, and Sooraya, and everyone from Tel Aviv, of course. Should be a pretty nice few days, and if you're in Scotland already, it would be easier to spend some time with Reverend Craig if you wanted.


PS: Do you think Joel would lecture me if I threw a paper airplane at the pontificating twit's head?
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Jennie told Crystal about her rescue and return to the school. Clearly, more baskets filled with fruit and chocolate are in order. Each mansion resident mentioned to her by Jennie and currently at the mansion receives one; so do Scott and Professor Xavier. Each basket contains a note...

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To: [Angelo], [Rahne], [Medusa], [Crystal], [Cain], [Ororo], [Sooraya]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: dinner

As it's been a while since I cooked properly, and longer since I've initiated anything social of the group variety, you're all invited to dinner at the boathouse tonight. Maybe around six, and we'll eat somewhere thereafter?

Also, I promise I will strap Rachel into her high chair, so Angelo, no worries of a repeat of last Saturday where she divebombed the table.



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