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To: Dayspring, Nathan
From: Forge, JH
Subject: Field Trip

I know you probably have a report to write to whoever organized the whole Vegas thing, or that there has to be some after-action log for posterity. If so, well - I'd consider it a big favor if you'd leave some stuff out. I really don't think the panic difficulty I had in the ventilation system needs to be mentioned to anyone else. I'm sorry I almost screwed everything up.

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to: [Wisdom, Pete]
from: [LePew, Remy]
subject: Post-Op Report

Someone is doing this e-mail mask on purpose, I swear.

So, mon captianne, the job is done. I'm still cleaning up loose ends in Vegas, but it looks like Lowenstein took the bait. His creatures are out scouring for the Brotherhood, there hasn't been a peep to the LV field office, and Arcade suffered a pretty big black eye when his auction went down. He's angry enough to kill, and it's all focused on Magneto.

The kids did well. Much better than I could have hoped. Thanks to Arcade's own foresight, half the plan went out the window a day or two after we got here, so improvising ended up covering the things we needed done. Despite that, other than a few bruises on Amanda, everyone got out alright. They deserve a little praise when they get back.

I'm going to stay here for a few more days, make sure we really are in the clear before I head back. If you need me, you know the numbers.

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To: [uncle pete]
From: toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: Finished. )

To: [big brother]
From: toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: Safe and sound. )

To: [seifu]
From: toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: Thanks. )
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*encrypted email begins*

To: [clown prince]
From: [human decoder ring]
Subject: Vegas, baby!


Sorry I haven't been able to write, man. Remy's been cracking the whip over Forge and me, and I've barely had time to email Angie, much less anyone else.

Obviously, can't tell you much about the job, as we're supposed to have operational security and whatnot. Between Remy, Nathan, and everyone else, it always feels like someone's watching over my shoulder. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you all about it when I get back.

Keep an eye on Angie for me, okay? She seems to be doing better, but needless to say I still worry.

Say hi to Kit for me, and I'll try to write more later.

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From: [Catseye]
To: [SillyKitten]
Subject: No smelly stuff! )

From: [Catseye]
To: [AlarmClockBoy]
Subject: It's COLD! )
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To: (favorite redhead)
From: (absentee fiance)
Subject: sleep well? )

To: (blinky the firefly)
From: (grumpy bear)
Subject: your boyfriend )

To: (not-cassandra)
From: (not-tiresias)
Subject: how goes? )

To: (Kyle)
From: (Nate)
Subject: hey there )

To: (Angelo)
From: (Nathan)
Subject: hey there )

To: (second-favorite doctor)
From: (your very worst patient)
Subject: you can probably guess... )
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Amanda calls home and chats to Angelo for a while. Bonding-type fluff.

Late night ramblings. )
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To: [big brother]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Greetings from Las Vegas. )

To: [frenchie]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Meaning of irony... )

To: [bagpipe lady]
From: [gloaming]

Subject: Quick update. )

To: [uncle pete]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Can I just say... )

To: [SStrange@columbia.ny.edu]
From: [toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk]

Subject: Help? )

To: [neuromancer@bt.co.uk]
From: [toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk]

Subject: Need some help. )
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To: (Knight of Cups)
From: (Angie)
Subject: I am here. Where are you?

Where are you? )
To: (Knight of Cups)
From: (Angie)
Subject: I know you are reading these.

I know you are checking your email. )


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