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To: [Saviourofme]
From: [Gratefulsavee]

I have been looking around for a way to thank you for all you've done for me, and I think I've found something. I have received word from my sources that a truly hysterical pair of comedians are to be found at a little place in the city that I know, this Saturday evening. I know that I, for one, could use a night away and a few giggles, and I'm sure you could too. And what kind of friend would I be if I let you remain giggle-less while I went and had fun? A bad and ungrateful one, that's what.

So... beer, pasta, friendship and comedy. And a night away from the Mansion. Sound good? :)

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To: [Remy]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: you all right after last night?

I just read Kitty's post a little more closely and wondered. Although I didn't see you in the medlab last night when I got back from the airport and went down to check on Moira...?

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To: MacTaggart, Moira; Bartlet, Madelyn
From: Forge, JH
Subject: Doctor McCoy

With everything that went on this morning, is Dr. McCoy okay? I didn't see him around when everyone was evacuating the shelters, and I'm worried about him. Is there any update on his condition?
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To: [doctor2]
From: [doctor3]
Subject: Henry's Condition


I've been running more tests today and I think I may have found something that's not good. According to these tests, whenever Henry has been more active the effects get _worse_. I'm running more tests to make sure, but it seems that exeration just accelerates the effects.

I've attached the files for you to look over but...damn it, I can't get any other conclusion from the results.

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To: [Big Blue]

From: [Jubilee]

Subject: Visit )
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To: (Medical Type People)
From: (Kyle)
Subject: Can I help?

I want to help you guys some, but the smells down there make my nose hurt and I'm worried it'll make me go all grr again and that'd just make more work for you. But I want to help, so I was hoping that one of you had an idea for how I could?

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To: [Dr. B]
CC: [Storm], [Dr. McTaggart], [medstaff mailing list]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: Offers of aid...


was talking to Storm and got the idea that you all might be in need of a spare hand or twelve. I've only got basic first aid, and so forth, but I make an excellent administrative assistant. If you want I'd be happy to lend a hand with filing, schedules, manning the 'front desk', etc. You know, the minutiua that has to get done but doesn't necessarily need to be done by someone with an M.D.. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

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Problem with Hank, need you back asap. How soon? Maddie.
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Hey Dr. B, you look like crap. Sorry, but there really isn't a better way to say it. You kinda look like you did back last fall. bad me for not noticing sooner.

So. What can I do to help? And I *am* going to help somehow.

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Dr. McCoy,

I typed up all the notes you gave me, but when I came down to get a new set to type at my appt today, you weren't there. Did something come up?



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