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To: [David Haller]
From: [Elisabeth Braddock]
Subject: Home )

To: [Remy LeBeau, Pete Wisdom, and Emma Frost]
From: Elisabeth Braddock
Subject: Leave )

To: [Wanda, Amanda, and XF members]
From: Elisabeth Braddock
Subject: Duty Calls )
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to: [Kane, Christian], [Wisdom, Pete]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

re: It's something to worry about

Alright, it seems that Amahl Farouk has just gotten himself arrested and jailed in Thailand. Dad, I think he's calling in a favour here. I'm not sure what's going on, but it looks like the Professor has just dropped himself into something he's way out of his depth on.

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To: Forge
From: Pete
Subject: Quick chat?

Need a quick word with you re: some weird tech, and a possible need for you to be aware of it in security Charlie's place. On my way now.


To: Garrison
From: Pete
Subject: Back already

Coming back to Charlie's for a word with Forge. Shouldn't take long. Fancy a drink when I'm done?

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To: Xavier, Charles; Summers, Scott; Munroe, Ororo; Espinosa, Angelo;
Subject: Cocksucking motherfucking shitbag arsehole cunt!

I am on my way to the Institute right fucking now to talk to Dom, but thanks to the magic of these PDA things, I thought I'd let you all know in advance: Dom asked me to do some digging so that all those people Nate rescued from Mistra wouldn't go off and starting breaking bits of the world in response to his being put in a coma, so I did and it turns out Lense is working in the private sector these days. Specifically, he's working for Sebastian fucking Shaw.

No-one breathe a word of this to Dom until I get there. She is likely to take this news even worse than me, and you cannot imagine how badly I've taken it. I want to be damn sure she isn't going to go and do anything criminal on US soil without proper backup.

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To: [Wisdom, Pete]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: [A question]

Mr. Wisdom,

If it will not trouble you to answer, may I know why it is that you "hate to agree" with Ms. Lennox? As I do not wish to further intrude upon the apparent sanctity of the younger Ms. Frost's journal, I am asking you this question via e-mail rather than have asked you this question by means of a reply to your post with that statement. In addition, perhaps it is best if such a question is not asked and possibly answered on the public journal system.

Crystal Amaquelin
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OOC: Posted early due to time zone issues

To: [X-Men]
CC: [Senior Trenchcoats]
From: [daytripper]

Subject: Alert.

Before he left, I made Kurt promise to check in every day. He missed yesterday and I haven't heard from him yet today. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, except he was going after Mystique, to talk to her about what happened to the pick up team.

I've tried a location spell, but I can't get anything specific. Last I heard from him, he was in Mexico City and he seemed to think he was getting somewhere.

I really don't like this.

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to: [Wisdom, Pete], [Frost, Emma]
from: [Kane, Garrison]
subject: India

Pete, I'll assume you've been following the news about India. It looks very likely that the UN security council is going to send in weapons inspectors to determine the origin of the bomb, mutant or otherwise. The FBI is joining with Interpol to send investigators in order to assist Pakistani and Indian efforts to determine what actually happened.

Obviously, this is a bad situation in all kinds of ways. Fred Duncan thinks that the mutant is the most likely source of the explosion, but the Bureau just doesn't have the people to figure out whether or not the guy was weaponized, modified by some government program, or just a wacko with immensely destructive powers. Ms Frost, I've gone through the files at the mansion, and you wrote or spearheaded most of the ones dealing with mutant weaponization that I could find.

Fred is willing to risk his job to slip some experts of my choosing into India with the team and see what we can find out. Pete, I need some of your people and contacts if I'm going to have a hope in hell. Forward this to any of your people you're willing to spare, and let me know how you can help, if at all.

I'm leaving for India tomorrow morning.

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To: [Wisdom, Pete]
From: [Drake, Terry]
Subject: Security

Mr Wisdom,

Yesterday, Mystique made it very clear to me that the Keep's security was inadequate considering the enemies we have. Since she was nice enough to give me the heads up that she's been traipsing all over my property, I'd prefer to fix it as quickly as possible.

We'd kept things minimal so far; I've attached the plans. Any input you can provide would be much appreciated. The major snag obviously is that significant portions of the Keep and the grounds are open to the public.

Thank you.

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To: [Emma], [Pete], [Remy]
From: [Wanda]
Subject: Cambridge

Being in London is screwing with me - I've never tried to study the lines this intensely or for this long (while concussed to boot) but I have an idea. I'm going to go up to Cambridge and enlist Agatha's help to see what we can do reading the lines of chaos, trying to see if I can make sense of things. Maybe removing me from the epicenter will help. I won't be able to see anything with my powers but I'll be checking other ways.

Also, Angelo is on his way to London - he will be more useful over here than worrying himself to death back home.

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To: [ Old Man ]
From: [ Tasty Tart ]
Subject: Hahaha, she has a sister.

Oh, there is a God.
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I have been to the hospital. As far as the paramedics and the doctors are now concerned, there was an accident involving getting locked into a refrigeration truck, which later crashed. There will be minimal questioning regarding the circumstances of Mark's injuries.

The doctors are certain that he will live and are reasonably certain that he shall retain all fingers and toes and other appendages. I did not see Mark myself, as they are in the process of warming him, but the images in their head are not pretty. I am maintaining a pain-block inside Mark's head for now on top of the analgesics - he does not need to be fully aware of some of what they are doing to him.

I am returning to Frost Enterprises.  I have organised for Mark to be in a private room and have the best available treatment upon his release from ICU.

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To: [Pete], [Remy]
From: [Nate]
Subject: I think...

... I am actually doing this out of some sense of male solidarity, or some such thing. Are the two of you fully aware that Emma Frost is wanting to look at your budget? Possibly with a machete?

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Dig up anything you can find for me on a group called the Exemplars. ASAP.


I need you to phone Professor Harkness, see if she's all right. If she is, tell her to call me back when I get in. If not, call me as soon as you can.

[Remy] and [Pete]

Dom, Jennie and I were kidnapped last night. We're all fine, I'm coming back now. Apparently we broke reality but it's fixed. So very irritated.
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to: [GH7%G#!O@xxxxxxxxxxx.com]
from: [9J^#FR8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com]

I see the e-mail still works. I was afraid I'd have to come and find you myself.

Peter, my boy, I've come across a bit of trouble out here in the Pacific. It appears someone is taking great delight in sinking supercargo freighters doing Her Majasty's business with China, and no one knows who. The Chinese are paranoid, the Russians are nervous, and the bloody Koreans are downright incandescent.

A little well paid and rightly terrified of me birdie tells me that you're no longer at Xavier's, and seem to be back to your proper work. I could use some assistance in the mutant related power levels involved in this. Can you provide an old friend with some help?

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To: [Wisdom, Pete], [LeBeau, Remy]
From: [Summers, Scott]
Subject: your files on the Brotherhood

You might want to update them. Mystique is no longer in China, if she ever actually was. Also, Magneto has apparently been recruiting. I've attached the very small file on Joszef Veres we had from two years ago. He's responsible for the deaths they're reporting on the news from Berlin. Seems to be lucid again, from what Marie said, but the jury is still out on sane.

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to: [Xavier, Charles], [Wisdom, Pete], [MacTaggart, Moira]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Research

Evening all. Pete, I've got some results from my time on Muir. Professor, I've added you and Moira in. She already knows, but it relates to your old ami Essex.

This doesn't make any sense )
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To: [Pete]
From: [Nate]
Subject: names

Names, dates, previous affilations, jobs they've done for Solomon prior to now. I don't recognize any of them; hopefully you do.


Attached: solomon.doc


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