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From: [Frost, Emma]
To: [Ramsey, Doug]
[Colbert, Marie-Ange]


I re-made you. It is time for you to be yourself again. 


I think it is best if you are involved in the process.

I shall be back at the brownstone soon. Illyana has access to my calendar - please ask her to schedule a meeting.

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To: [Scott]
From: [Wanda]
Subject: Jonathan Kroeger


Turns out my father had friends in the government - an analyst named Jonathan Kroeger kept tabs on me while I was out traveling. He got in touch with me when Magneto took over that space station and again when New York was attacked. Apparently, his next trick was to wind up on the deceased list that Doug found.

My worry is if there's one spy for Magneto in government, there have to be others.

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To: [Ramsey]
From: [Maximoff]
Subject: Find this man

Name is Jonathan Kroeger and apparently he was in New York when Apocalypse attacked. I need you to find me any information you have on him. Especially where he is.


To: [R]
From: [W]
Subject: Potential Problem

It seems my father has been keeping a vague eye on me. Not that it should come as a surprise but a man named Jonathan Kroeger left me a message cashing in on the 'favor' he gave me by leaving me that note in DC ages ago. He was stuck in New York and looking for my help but I've got nothing else from him. I'm having Doug search for him now.


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"Hello, Wanda dear. After that terrible New York attack, your office phone was flooded with calls and we're just now figuring out how to forward them automatically to your mobile. Let us know when you'll next be in town."


Shouting over background noise, a man's voice could be heard:

"Ms. Maximoff, you don't know my name but you do know me, in a way. I was, ah, working with your father on several things and you managed to receive my note in time the last time you were in Washington. I'm sure you remember that. I could have saved your life and I'm calling in the favor - I'm trapped in New York with these Horsemen and I don't know how long I'll be able to stay alive. My name is Jonathan Kroeger and you can find me at..."

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To: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Cessily Kincaid

I don't know if you've ever spoken to Cessily, but I think this may be one for you . . . it seems that after the incident in Manhattan she's been having nightmares, and they've been manifesting themselves as a loss of power-control; it's at the point where she's been sleeping in a bucket at night. Her way of somatizing the stress, I think. After speaking with her, I think she might benefit from a few weeks at the school in Attilan -- in addition to additional training, it might help her to be further from ground zero for a while. I sounded her out and she seems to be considering it. Do you think you could talk to her about specifics?
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To: [Kincaid, Cessily]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Just checking in

Hey, Cessily . . . as you may have noticed, Dr. Samson and I have been checking up on people after the whole thing in Manhattan. Disaster sites can be pretty unsettling, and even if you don't feel stressed it can manifest in different ways down the line. I've personally experienced a few things that seemed inexplicable and later turned out to be due to psychological issues (though it took an embarrassing amount of time before I figured out there was a correlation between how much damage my telekinesis would do and how bad a day I'd had).

I guess what I'm asking, not really subtly, is just how you're doing with everything. If there's anything you want to talk about, I'm here.

David Haller
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To: [Haller, David}

From: [Betto, Callie]

Subject: My roommate

Mr Haller

I know I probably should have gone to you about this earlier. I mean I didn't know how bad it was at first and thought maybe it would go away. But it hasn't. And I'm really worried. And I thought maybe you could help? Or maybe like talk to whoever needs to be talked to about what to do? I don't know. Maybe you do.

Cessily has been sleeping in a bucket ever since what happened down in the City.  She really hasn't been herself since the attack. I mean I don't know if she's told you this, and I really didn't want to betray her trust. But  I'm really worried about her.

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"A CNN Exclusive"

"We're coming to you live from press conference called only today at the White House, where President McKenna is preparing to make a statement which concerns national security. We have not yet been told what the announcement specifically involves, but we do know it relates to the mutant terrorist attack on New York City two weeks ago and the government's successful response to the incident. President McKenna has just taken the podium."

"Good morning. Thank you for coming in at short notice." (laughter) "The reason is one of the gravest threats to face our nation since the Gulf War. On October 26, terrorists struck at one of our greatest cities, in an effort to displace American citizens and claim their home for the fiefdom of zealots and madmen. They were not successful. American forces, along with emergency services and law enforcement in Manhattan drove the mutant terrorists from their stronghold, and arrested their leader, a mutant who claimed the title of 'Apocalypse'. Those who attacked America were defeated, arrested, and will face justice for their actions. Even as I speak, access to Manhattan has been re-opened, although the way to the end of the reconstruction will be long.

Today, after speaking with President Elect Obama, we came to an agreement over a serious national security matter. As of today, as President, I officially announce the creation of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. This division, SHIELD, will serve as the primary agency in identifying and stopping mutant terror in the United States and around the world. I also name as Director the man responsible for the coordination and success of the operation to drive Apocalypse from New York, General Nicholas Fury. General Fury is a decorated veteran of numerous engagements in the service of his country, including the Gulf War. Director Fury will take control of this new agency, which is comprised of three main functions.

First, they will coordinate with all American intelligence and law enforcement agencies to identify, track, and monitor mutant terrorist factions and developments around the world and at home.

Secondly, they will serve as the lead response in any instances of mutant terrorism in the United States. To this end, the research and development programs involving mutants and their powers will now be controlled by SHIELD, to better prepare our troops and our agents to deal with such abilities in the line of duty.

Finally, SHIELD will work closely and provide support to local and state law enforcement in situations of mutant crime or incident. Along with the FBI, SHIELD will help train law enforcement to better understand the unique difficulties mutant powers can present, and provide material support when requested.

New York City could have been this country's greatest tragedy, if not for the actions of the men and women who now comprise this agency. Their bravery, dedication, and will forced back a would be tyrant into a cell like any other criminal. The majority of American mutants are decent, patriotic people. In Manhattan, even under threat, mutants living there rejected Apocalypse's offer, and fought with our forces against him. America will never be held hostage by terror. We will never succumb to the calls for a civil war against our own citizens, regardless of their genetic status. We will be ready and vigilant to protect the lives and rights of all Americans from terror, no matter what form it takes.

Thank you."
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To: Forge
From: Marie-Ange
Subject: Doug is in your lab again?

He did not come back to the suite last night, am I correct in guessing that he stayed up working in your lab? Could you perhaps 'keep an eye on him'? I am sure you already know how often he forgets to eat normally, and so far, I have had to put meals in front of his face to convince him it was time to eat.

Also, and this may sound odd - do you have the lights that have the ... the lights that are like the sun? I am not sure of the term for them. If I cannot get Doug into the sun as the doctors suggested, then I want to bring the sun to him.

I know, I am probably being very pushy, but ... you saw how he is, yes?

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To: [Gibney, Kyle]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Checking in

Hey, Kyle. I know it's been a little crazy around here for the last couple of days, but I wanted to see how you were doing after Friday's post about Mr. Marko. If you want to talk about it, I'm available.
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Has Nate actually talked to you since this whole thing ended?

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To: [Kane, Garrison], [Dayspring, Nathan], [Frost, Adrienne]
From: [Lennox, Morgan]
Subject: If anyone needs me

For the sake of not shooting the genius in his head with a .22 I'm going to head off grounds and find somewhere near but not too near to hole up until I'm less pissed off that someone who is the head of security apparently completely lacks the capacity for continued discretion. My phone is on me if any of you need me, or in case anyone else does but I don't imagine there is anyone else who might.

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To: [Forge]
From: [Lennox, Morgan]
Subject: Point 2a

Do you fail to recall what a "need to know" basis is? How about the term "clearance" and the phrase "potential security risk"? While you may have failed to recall that my profession was neither a public or widespread fact, surely I'd think that brain of yours could recollect being told that information was on a need to know basis only and you, therefore, were only told as the security person at the mansion. Previously I could count the number of people who had been informed of my profession on one hand. Now anyone who chooses to read that journal entry of Adrienne's knows. You are an idiot.
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To: Karolina
From: Angel

Man, I'm glad you're safe. In case I haven't said it already - I don't really remember much after getting back home yesterday.

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To: [Zanne]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Help with my evil plans


You're rooming with Jennie, right? I talked to the doctors and there's no reason she needs to stay in the medlab past the first 24 hours, they just like it better. So I need your help. Can you pack up enough of her things for a week or so? I'm going to kidnap her to Ireland with me. Ireland is better for birthdays. It's a proven fact.

Thanks in advance
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From: Emma Frost
To: Adrienne Frost


Demand a medal.

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From: Emma Frost
To: Manuel de la Rocha


I need to sleep. For several days, I think.

After that, I need to talk to you. I will let you know when I wake.

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To: [boathouse staff]
From: [N]
Subject: in case it needed to be said...

The office is closed until I say otherwise. All open files have been shunted to Tel Aviv, so don't anyone come down here looking for ways to keep yourself busy.



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