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To: [Wanda]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: notes

I shoved some notes I'd written up for our project under your office hour. Don't feel obligated to look at them before the vacation. I just wanted to get them all down while I was thinking about it.

About forty pages worth are in Askani. I can translate if you want, although you seemed to be getting a fairly good grasp on the script. It was just easier, some of it, to record it that way.

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To: {doctor list}
CC: [Charles]
From: [Jean]
Subject: Addendum

Nathan's subconscious may be a fair bit smarter than he is - I would say this had just occured to me, but now that I think about it it may not really be news to any of us. Regardless, his post about his dream has got me thinking, particularly in relation to something Manuel mentioned earlier. I'm starting to think this new weirdness in his brain may be related to the Askani, somehow, although I've no idea how. The whole thing sounds crazy but, given this is Nate we're talking about, does it sound like the right sort of crazy or do I need to be spending even more of my hours off shift sleeping? Or both?

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To: [doctor list]
From: [Jean]
Subject: Nate

Blast, meant to send this out earlier, but here it is now. I saw from the records that at least one of you already saw the files I left up. To explain - Nate came down yesterday evening, saying he's been suffering from brief, piercing headaches that leave him feeling queasy when they pass. He figured after we got on his case about the blackouts he ought to report it, and I'm very glad he did. He had one of these headaches while he was down here, after I'd started the tests, so we've got readings from before, during and after. It's fascinating, and also damned confusing. Moira, you're the expert on his brain, what do you think? It almost looked to me like these headaches are actually altering his brainwaves, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. After the headached passed he ought to have returned to normal, but while he settled down afterwards, it was just that tad bit different...

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To: [ohhusbandofmine]
From: [reallypissedoffscot]

Oh, you're being a right kind of arse today, aren't you?

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To: [Morrow, Saul]
From: [Dayspring, Nathan]
Subject: re: hello and some news

Moira's doing well. I think she and I will both be relieved when her due date finally arrives. We've got everything in order, so it really is just the waiting now.

This sounds like quite the job. I am familiar with CONGO, yes - international relations degree, remember? It sounds involved enough that I wouldn't want to be distracting you very often... we'll see how busy you are?

Really, I hadn't realized how that the time had gotten away from me like this. It's been so hectic around here. But I'm fine; no need to worry.



Jul. 8th, 2005 11:20 am
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to: [Braddock, Betsy], [Gavin, Jake]
cc: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Eris Inc/Saul Morrow

After being bounced off the pavement today, I have many questions that need answers.

Jake, I know you've been looking into Nate's dad already. I want it ramped up, and get me everything you can on Eris Inc and the owner. Someone used Nate's own power to put me out a damn window earlier. Betts, I've got several gigs of data pulled out of Eris's computers. I want you to start hunting through it. Find out who these bastards are and what the deal is.

Personally, I think Nate's dad is wrapped up in all of this somehow. I know, goes against my normal trusting nature. Look for the links, if they're there. Something about this whole situation stinks like Cain's cooking.



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