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To: [Amanda]
From: [Artie]
Subject: [Reports]
Attachments: [Reports.zip]

Amanda, I know you're on hospital rest right now but since you won't relax without it, here's the reports from the mission.

IDC what the docs say to you when they catch you not resting. That's your problem, not mine.

Got a bottle of vodka with your name on it for later. Frankenfuckenberrycat my ass. I am over this bs.

- A
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To: [Keller, Julian]
From: [Bowen, Tandy]
Subject: Awake


The docs let me borrow a laptop to write to you. I am awake. Figure you might already know, but wanted to tell you myself. After the curse broke yesterday, my daggers finally released and I have been sleeping it off ever since.
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If you want your gemstone back alive, quickly get to 46 Pomeroy St in Rochester. Be careful. She is not doing to well, and my siblings are out for blood.

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...a cat carrier with Midnight inside. A note is taped to the carrier.

The note )

Left on the counter of the suite is Topaz’ cell phone and an envelope addressed to Amanda:

The letter )
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It was Adam Destine. Amanda thought he was the one behind all this and she went to meet somebody to find out how he might be doing it. He must have found her first.

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[1] Amanda's injured.
[2] She's alive but it's not good.
[3] I'm in the MedLab while they work on her.
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[1/2] What can I do?
[2/2] Need me to run interference so you can sit with Bobby?
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hey what happened u ok???

sent 15 minutes later:

text me back. just let me know youre ok please.

sent 10 minutes after the last:

bobby come on this isnt funny
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[1/3] Got the files.
[2/3] Dropping the thumb drive in the usual place.
[3/3] Coming back from London the long way, unless we're needed sooner?
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[1/4] Fi, I swear to God someone owes me something for this.
[2/4] This filing system is the worst.
[3/4] I'm not sure what the UK Public Service does well, but filing isn't it.
[3/3] Does Harrod's have a cocktail bar? I need a cocktail.
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(1/2) the fuck are you doing in the infirmary?
(2/2) want company?
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I need to punch something and I can't leave the chapel right now. You busy?
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(1/1) Who wants to break into a government building in London and get a copy of my child protection files from archives?
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(1/12) Amanda do you recall a social worker named Will Jackson?
(2/12) He had your case when you were younger
(3/12) Or a F. Jones? Francis, all he remembers is an F name. Or O. Perhaps Oscar.
(4/12) It was Felix. Felix Jones was in charge of mutant children in the system.
(5/12) Pete is nowhere to be found in your files. He did not even recall the name Wisdom.
(6/12) Moira is. He remembers her signing paperwork very often.
(7/12) This man never stops talking
(8/12) I cannot convince him to send me the files directly
(9/12) Amanda he says they tried to find your brother
(10/12) I do not think he means Kurt Kurt is never described as fair or white
(11/12) Amanda none of this makes sense it is all diagonal little things are all different
(12/12) Xorn broke your past we need to get a full record dump
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To: [magic brigade]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: All hands on deck

Topaz was just by and let me know there seems to be something amiss magically with some of the mansion folks - Hope, Callisto and Tandy are all down in medlab with weird 'illnesses' and when Tandy was hit, Topaz felt some magic. So, it's to the books we go - if you're up for helping, it'd be a great help. We'll be in the library that's been set up in the chapel.



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