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This Painted Lab Coat with a note saying

Happy Birthday, Hope you get lots of use out of it, Piotr
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We need to do another art catch up... I think I'm getting better though
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To: [Rasputin, Piotr]
From: [Grey-Summmers, Dr. Jean]
Subject: Belated Birthday Greetings

Well...I completely forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Since I pretty much almost forgot my name this week in the insanity I blame it on that. I'd like to make it up to you by taking you to lunch.

There's this place in Manhattan that claims to serve the biggest burgers "in the world" and if you eat all of it in one hour you get your entire meal for free.

Or, alternatively, we could have vodka and really unhealthy cheese fries down at Harry's like Warren and I plan to do.

Sound good?

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 To: [Jared]

From: [Piotr]

Subject: (Warren)

Who the hell do you think you are talking to Warren Worthington like that. He does not deserve to be talk down to like that particularly from somebody as idiotic as you. I know that you have probably been yelled at by half the staff but this time I need to add my two cents' worth.

1. Take it from somebody who has never been to College or University that being a drop out doesn't make you dumb just stupid enough to let a good opportunity pass you by.


2. Think about who else might be reading next time you start to abuse somebody on the journal.

Piotr Rasputin

Arts Teacher
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This was left outside Kevin's suite with a note saying:

"sorry it took so long, now we need to organise a time to scuplt

pile of playdo
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Settling in? I still owe you some coffee. Free tomorrow afternoon?
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To: [Jetstream], [Nightcrawler], [Cable], [Cannonball], [Colossus], [Juggernaut]
cc: [Dazzler], [Wisdom]
From: [Cyclops]
Subject: take-off time...

... is midnight. I'm assuming you've all been reviewing the tactical plan since the briefing earlier this evening, but if you've got any questions, now or on the plane is the time to ask. We're going to have a limited amount of time on the ground before things start getting exciting, so let's make sure we're all on the same page before we land.



To: [various students]
From: [S. Summers]
Subject: classes tomorrow and Friday

All of you receiving this have classes with Mr. al-Rashid, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Dayspring, Mr. Marko, Ms. Blaire, or myself. Consider this your official notice; all of our classes are cancelled for both tomorrow and Friday. Most of you will find reading assignments in your boxes at some point tonight, although I can't speak for everyone.

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To: Rasputin, Piotr
From: Reyes, Cecilia
Subject: Illyana. )
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To: JP
From: PR
Subject: Harry's Tonight?


Would you be interested to going to Harry's tonight? I brought it up in the locker room and you seemed interested. I'd love to get together and chat again.

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To: Angelo
From: Piotr
Subject: Birthday Present


Paige and I collaborated and painted you something. You should stop by my room and pick it up sometime tonight!

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To: Rasputin, Piotr
From: Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: to hell with the diplomatic approach...

And if you have a problem with that, you can come find me. )
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To: Dane, Lorna
From: Rasputin, Piotr
Suject: Time Due


You still owe me a chat and a coffee. I'd like to collect that due :)

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TO: Buns of Steel Rasputin, Piotr
FROM: Worthington, Warren III
SUBJ: a not-so-hot date with my hot date?

Read more... )

to Amanda

Mar. 1st, 2004 01:55 pm
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To: Amanda Sefton
From: Piotr Rasputin
Subject: Art Class


I noticed you weren't in Art Class today. Do you have an excuse?



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