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found out abt a place called gara medouar in morocco. we shld check it out
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To: [Infantry]
CC: [Archer], [Pryde]
Subject: Santa Anna Business

We are saddened to here of your unfortunate weakness concerning green rocks. We have heard from second hand sources that you were inquiring about our own health by comparison. While I am delighted that your weakness has given you cause to look for better role models, I would advise against trying to emulate me on a physical level.

It is better to have goals you can reach, Miss Hayes.

Atlantean stock has always been more superior to your human base. Let Us both enjoy that the universe still feels fit to give this fact a chance to shine. Mister Barton and Miss Pryde are more aware of the baseline of my superiority, if you would like to enlighten yourself further.

Warm Regards,
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I may have spared the life of the pathetic fish left at my doorway earlier this week, but the lives of these most recent may not be so fortunate. Tell me if this "prom" is some sort of "pop culture" "joke." Please enlighten me as to the punchline so I may feign appropriate humor.

As well:
These squid hovercraft are exceedingly primitive and also crude representations of an undersea terror. If they were not cute, I would be offended.
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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
Cc: [Archivist (Pryde, Katherine)]
Subject: A Requisition of Service

To the Lady Colbert,

I have been encouraged to document some of My Past by Kate Pryde. I seek to requisition the skills of an artist by the right of privilege this military state's Sefton has bestowed upon my position. You are apparently the best this "Xavier's" has to offer, so nothing else will do. We will meet soon to discuss.


Probably being a jerk,

Note: This is a signature made by Clint Barton. I apologize for this man's actions, and would encourage you to punch him. He learns best this way.
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[1/2] Archer inform your betters that laying unconscious in the middle of a public room is not just both dangerous and unnecessarily dramatic
[2/2] But also tacky
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To: [Kyle], [Doug], [Namor], [Molly], [Billy], [Matt], [Laurie], [Felicia], [Angel], [Gabriel], [Wanda]
From: [Clint]
Subject: game night bad science party

Yo, dudes and dudettes -

So this weekend is Shweekend on the Discovery Channel and that means alcohol and board games at the same time! Also, straight up drinking games when board games get too hard or the pieces get to be too small to handle without fumbling. Join me Friday night (and probably Saturday) in the rec room, I'll bring the good vodka and the strange, sour European Skittles. Feel free to bring whatever else, too.

Also, breakfast will be pancakes, possibly homemade but that depends on how epic our various hangovers are (shut up, Kyle, you cheat). Also, whatever stuff goes with pancakes that you guys want.

- Clint
(game master)
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I have a project for you if you are a better mechanic than you are an archer.
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Gonna start a game of Monopoly with Billy you should come play. You'll probably dominate.


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