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To: Nathan and Angelo
From: Jane
Re: Guatemala and Kosovo

Hey there! :)

So recent events have made it pretty clear to me that I have absolutely no clue what to do with myself when I'm being attacked by werejaguars and crazy ladies and men with machine guns and that that might make me something of a danger to other people being attacked by werejaguars and crazy ladies and men with machine guns because I can't help them and they may need to help me. I mean, search and (non-deadly) rescue is cool. First aid? I'm awesome. Beating up bad guys? Not so much. Red X training doesn't cover that. So either you guys need to stop sending me on trips where there are werejaguars, crazy ladies and men with machine guns, (which I guess means I need to move out of the mansion and stay away from the brownstone,) or I need to get trained up. Any ideas?

Thanks! :) :) :)

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to: [Sefton, A]
from: [Richter, J]

Subj: A request

I have a rather strange favor to ask, if you have time. I don't know what you have heard/read but I had an encounter with the supernatural last week, and I have some questions regarding it. Are you free to speak to any time soon?

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to: [Espinosa, A]
from: [Drake-Cassidy, T]

I saw that you were heading to Guatemala and I thought that I could possibly help out? I don't have anywhere to be until next week and I have some time off from work.



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