Oct. 16th, 2018 10:31 pm
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So apparently I'm boss this week so...I dunno I think we're pretty good around here.

I dunno, this whole thinking up new rules is haaard. So the rule is say nice things about one another and make fun of Warren...wait that's everyday anyway, just better. Oh, and do your expense reports people so Lorna can reimburse you. and then we can all go to a spa day...or the girls can do a spa day at the end of the week and the boys can go umm what would you guys like to do?

Oh actually I know, the other rule for this week is no Chinese food! Every day a new cuisine lets try some Thai, Italian, Ethiopian.
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To: [Everyone in XFI]
From: [Lorna]

Subject: re: Team Bonding

Hope you guys didn't forget. We are leaving in an hour.

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An innocuous looking basket, complete with gingham print cloth, sits on Warren's desk with a note stating "Eat Me"

He also has sent out an email that only says "4:20, bitches"

Eat if you dare.
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Dear staff,

It has been dark, quiet, expense free month (or something) since Quentin has no longer been with us. He has passed on to some groovy place in the sky where he can piss off other people who aren't us, and it is only now that I feel I can properly mourn. I know that grief does strange things and you can almost see him/hear him/be hit by him. This is normal. All normal. Today, I received a text message from beyond the grave, and it reassured me that when I die, I too will continue to be able to harass all of you.

I propose a meeting today, rooftop of our XFI base, to remember our fallen comrade.

If anyone needs a hug, Sue's available.

Obviously, I'm bringing cinnamon rolls.

Oh. And drugs. It's what Q would have wanted.

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Email to [All Teams]
Subject [Santa Ana is the new asshole of the universe]
Attachments [Previous emails - poison rocks - Kevin,Sue Poison Rocks sapiens league dossier - UNCLASSIFIED

This email is brought to you via my portable wifi at LAX and the ~economy class waiting area~ outside one of the United gates, ready for the 9:15pm United flight back to JFK. Santa Ana is literally the worst, and that includes the rest of the OC plus half of the rest of LA plus it's too hot.

Next time, I am being the business man and someone else is being the seedy college student/artist/whatever and they are going to get the red-eye to New York, not me.

To Business:

I sucked (and sucked up to, because there are anti mutant groups very into the idea of some mutie action on the side ugh I probably have throat chalmidia) my way into the local scene - we've been working around the edges of the mutant underground in a few cities for about a year now - and long story very short:

Sapiens League are nasty. Surprise!

They're planning a large scale anti-mutant action. We sort of knew that but not the what and how.

That stupid green emerald that the college kids have been after? They're using it against mutants. Dates to be confirmed but my friends are talking to their friends and they'll text me.

Thank fuck I don't have to go back to LA for anything for the next month or so. I hate that place.
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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: New intel

Hey all,

I was approached by an informant who provided me with new intel. There's another mutant experiencing the same symptoms, and she thinks that she can arrange a meeting.

There may be objects in her possession which we can retrieve and pass along to have examined as well. This could be a big breakthrough for us.

- B
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To: [XFI]
From: [Centino, Arthur]
Re: Subject: Update on Case #128930A

L and I hit the ground as quick as we could with the awesome Miss Storm's intel. The Underground had a little info, but the 2 weren't looking for support.

For the casefile, and I'm obscuring the names here because I got a lecture on cyber security the last time:

Mr. Green [Address: see server]
Was a driver for both of the major app companies. His friends say that he preferred doing the tourist route. He boasted to a few people about his powers letting him "know when the red lights and traffic were a'coming," but they just thought he was boasting about being lucky. Apparently he liked to make some money on the side by running errands for souvenirs (the cheap stuff) while his rides were doing tourist things. Friends think this was a sideline, and there was a lot of nudging and winking. All kind of sketch.

Mrs. Mauve [Address and more deets: sameso]
A housewife. Her husband and immediate family (Lorna and I snooped in a middle of a bbq, ask Lorna for the recipes they insisted she take) didn't have any clue about her mutant status.

Her sister was apparently in town last weekend, and they did the touristy thing too.

Connection, maybe? See if Mauve left Green 5 stars? Maybe they ran across eachother.

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To: [XFI]
From: [Storm, Sue]

Subject: Update on Case #128930A

Hey all,

So I managed to trace back the first cases of the sickness Bobbi brought up in the hospital databases. I don't know if they've thought about cross referencing it yet, but I managed to get into all of the larger databases and it looks like hte first cases started showing up around the first of August. 

The weirdest thing I found, they don't seem to have had an epicentre of the epidemic. I think that's why it's proving so hard to lock them down, the first guy looks to have been a driver from Queens who works in Manhattan, the second case a housewife in New Jersey.

The kicker, the tests and interviews reveal they're both mutants, though she didn't know it till the event, but they only have minor powers. 

I've summarised what data I have and attached it to this email. The raw data is all stored in the server. 

I'll keep digging, see what else I can find.

~ Sue

Attached a word file: Summary of findings for case 128930A
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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: Investigation Request

Hey all,

I received a request from Dr. Grey to investigate a recent pattern of sick mutants with similar symptoms that keep getting worse over time. They're not all from District X either, but from all over the area.

The medlab is going to send us more information, but I wanted to put you all on alert. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this before things get any worse.

- B
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 From: Abbott, Hope
To: X-Factor Investigations
Subject: What in the world is going on with Mr. Worhtington? 

What in the world is going on with Mr. Worthington? I am in the middle of a workshops on the role of NGO's and IGO's in diplomacy and cannot really use this and I am getting strange texts from him. 

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To: [All those people I work with]
From: [The cool boss]
Subject: Relaxation

Hey everyone,

It's been a rough go. I want everyone to take some time off, stat. I'm making an executive order and closing the office down for the next couple of days. Don't worry, I'll still be working, just in case something comes up, but for the rest of you, I want you to relax, enjoy, and spend my money.

Quire knows where my business credit card is (I know it was you who made those purchases). Decide as a group what you'd like to do or however you want to go about doing it.

Stay well.

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To: [Group:XFI_staff]
From: [Quire, Quentin]
Subject: OOO

The Quires may be on drugs and/or possessed because they've decided that we should be together as a family for Christmas this year. In Colorado. Because nothing says family like a posh ski resort on the other side of the country.

I'll be out until Tuesday or Wednesday. Try not to get killed by hairy mutant-hunting mutants before I get back. If my parents are possessed as I expect, then I might need you to come kill them.

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To: X-Factor Investigations
From: Lorna
Subject: Time Off

Thank you.

I need some time off to heal and to rethink my life choices.

Seeing my dad again, I was not ready for that. The man you call Magento is my dad. I betrayed the Brotherhood by feeding my sister intel of Brotherhood activity and when they found out about the mole, I went into hiding here. I am sorry to Sue and Rogue that you two got caught in the blast.

Alex is awake.


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Hey all,

I just found out that all of the suspects from our sting case have mysteriously died while in custody. Signs are pointing to foul play but we don't have any solid leads or suspects as of right now.

Just thought you all should know. Will advise if I hear anything further.

- Bobbi
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To: [amanda]
From: [doug]
Subj: Thank you

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.



To: [vanessa], [jean-paul], [bishop], [laura]
From: [doug]
Subj: Thank you

Thank you all for your help in finding my sister.

I trashed Porter's bank accounts. There's a check in your inbox, Vanessa. Call it a bonus.



To: [tabs]
From: [doug]
Subj: Thanks

Thanks for your help. Hope you got some good licks in on that slimebag.



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