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(OOC: Sent Wednesday morning)

To: Espinosa, Angelo; Guthrie, Paige; Starsmore, Jonothan; Ferguson, Clarice
From: Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: that email

Wanted to let you know... )
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To: [big brother]
From: [trouble]

Subject: You'd better get your arse back here... )
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To: Clarice
From: Moira
Subject: MedLab

If I sounded short in your journal, I wasn't trying to be. If, God forbide, Sarah or any of the X-Men are injured badly, I may need a hand.

But -only- with things not relating to the incidents. There are some small things that would need to be tended to if we have to do triage.

If you're really serious about this path, when the chaos dies down, come see me and we'll talk again. If you want to work in the MedLab with actual patients and whatnot, you'll need to take some classes (first aid, that sort of thing).

But lets hope we don't have an emergancy on our hands. If things get hectic, come down, I may not have time to drop you a line. If you're needed, trust me, we'll find things for you to do.

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To: {All Staff}
From: Madrox, Jamie
Subject: Grey Crow

I know we've upgraded security and stuff since then, and hired Mr. Lee, and everything, but if you want to pick my brain again, literally or figuratively, to make absolutely sure there's no way this guy sneaks back onto campus again . . . offer's open, just name the time and place.
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to: [sparky]
from: [spikey]
subject: well, this is it.

I'm heading out now. I'm going home and doing it today, because I've fucking waited long enough. You're the only one I'm telling, 'cause everybody else will freak out on me. Leaving the pretty half here, 'cause this is -my- fight, and I can handle myself.

Wish me luck.

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To: [deathbyspikes]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Revenge. )
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To: [sparky], [tough boy], [roomie], [glitterbug], [playmate]
From: [bone girl]
Subject: update.

Got that break I was looking for today. Every last one of them is going down, even Grey Crow. Especially Grey Crow.


(Somebody pass this along to Amanda when she gets back? She'll be glad to know I'm doing something other than sitting around and sulking.)


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