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Moira, Nathan... I am so sorry. Rachel… They put her through their mutate process. She… I'm so sorry, she, right in front of me, she's gone. Disintegrated into dust. I couldn't… there was nothing I could do. I'm so sorry.
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Charles, oh god, pick up the bloody phone! Rachel's missin' and not just from Muir. Nate cannae feel her at all; she was there one minute and then jus' bloody gone from the link.

My baby, Charles, someone's taken my baby.

Call me back.
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My dear friend,

After checking schedules, I have concluded that nothing is likely to blow up at Muir for at least another month or so. So, by all means, send over your newest additions to the Xavier household for any sort of powers testing and / or training they might need.

Besides, what's not to love about visiting one of the most northern parts of Scotland in February? I've arranged a charter to get them on the 11th.

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to: [Xavier, Charles], [Wisdom, Pete], [MacTaggart, Moira]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Research

Evening all. Pete, I've got some results from my time on Muir. Professor, I've added you and Moira in. She already knows, but it relates to your old ami Essex.

This doesn't make any sense )
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to: [MacTaggart, Moira]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Dinner Guest


I've got some research that I need to do at Muir. It's connected to the attempted distribution of your son's DNA over the last couple of years. We might have tracked down a couple of leads, but I need to confirm some things with your records. I'll be on the plane heading over to Scotland in an hour.

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To: [Moira]
From: [Jim]
Subject: No subject

It's bad. The professor knows.

I know you've got a lot to do right now, but can I call you for a little while?
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To: [nate], [moira]
From: [last minute]

Subject: Room for one more?


Sorry to be so last minute and I hope this isn't rude or anything, but Ange said I should ask. Any way. I don't have any real plans for Christmas this year, and I was wondering if I could spend it with you lot on Muir? I understand it's going to be a bit of a party.

If it's too late or whatever, that's fine, I'll sort something else out, but thought I'd ask any way. I'd love to see the two of you, plus the Pack and the munchkin, again. With all the work lately, it's gotten to be a while between visits.

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To: [babel fish], [oracle]
CC: [moira]


Subject: Got something I could use your help on. )
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To: [Forge]
From: [Dr. M]
Subject: The other day


There are no apologies needed for the actions you took. I know that there have been times when it's felt like we were pressuring you on ethics a lot but in the case...you did very, very well. I know it can't be easy to see Marius in such pain and to have watched all of this going on.

And the machine, as always, is brilliant. I've been going over the notes you sent along--it's nice to see notes, I remember a time when it was like pulling teeth to get documentation out of you (my students are all growing up, I think I'm going to cry)--and I've placed copies of the information in Marius' file.

As soon as he's stable, you're always welcome to come down to the MedLabs and see him as long as he's up for company. If there's anything else I can think of for you to give us a hand with, I'll let you know.

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To: [MacTaggart, Moira], [Voght, Amelia]
cc: [Xavier, C.], [Grey, J.], [Guthrie, P.]
Subject: Temporary measures for Marius

First off, I apologize for the methods used to help Marius during his incident today. Dr. Voght, I didn't mean to overstep your authority and experience, but I knew it was the only way. Everything I have from here on out is getting run through the proper channels to you folks.

Second, I've built a portable respirator for Marius. It'll provide him with enough of a sulfuric acid vapor sublimed directly into his lungs so that he can function. It won't need a chemical recharge for at least six months, but in case of emergencies, I've included documentation and recharge units in the package. It's the green one with the requisite BIOHAZARD stickers on it.

Third, if there's anything more I can do, tell me. When he's stable again, I'd like to see him.

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To: [uncle nate], [aunt moira]
From: [aunt dom]
Subject: the stork...

...decided to make an early appearance. Mina waddled downstairs around midnight last night and grabbed David by the ear. Took a grand total of about forty-five minutes after they got to the hospital - is anyone particularly surprised that Speedy's kid was in a rush to get somewhere? Mother and baby are fine. He's huge, even if he was a few weeks early - much bigger than Rachel was, and really, really loud, but kind of cute.

Also, Mina and David took leave of their senses and named the poor boy after a pair of ruffians of their mutual acquaintance. Nathan George Rabin was the agreed-upon order. (They didn't think George Nathan sounded as nice.)

So. Coming to Tel Aviv now, Nate?

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To: [Jim]
From: [Moira]
Subject: How is everything?

How're you and Marie-Ange doing? And what, exactly, was going on in there? We've seen her powers flare up but never like this.

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To: [Jim]
CC: [Charles]
Subject: I know it's late...

But can you come down to the Medlabs? Charles and I need a hand taking a look at Marie-Ange and peeking inside that very complex brain of hers so we can hopefully get to the root of the problem. Running it's course is one thing but I'm starting to get worried that this will have some lasting damage.

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To: [Moira]
From: [Kitty]
Subject: Visions

I guess you can add me to the list of people who're seeing stuff, too. Not really something I want to talk about, but what do you need to know?

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To: [Angie]
From: [Dr.M]
Subject: Can you come down here?


I think I've figured out the source of whatever is going on and it's all pointing towards your powers. Since you went clubbing last night and haven't come by, I'm assuming that it's been something you haven't noticed.

I just need to run some tests.



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