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The imperial guards killed Namor. And now theyre sending us to India to get Doc Grey-Summers back.
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Stop doing your homework and come hang out with your awesome boyfriend

TXT to Matt

Jan. 3rd, 2015 08:57 am
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[1/2] Listen to the next text when other people aren't around.
[2/2] Dude, did you get laid?
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Four tickets to Interstellar in the city and a note that reads, "Know you've been wanting to see this. Should be fun. Invite whoever, you know I'm down. Happy Birthday, Billiam." There's a box beneath the tickets. Inside it there's a disassembled potato rocket launcher, an industrial potato shredder, and another note that reads, "And y'know, just in case. Gotta be prepared. Never know when potatoes will strike."
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Typed note: You weren't around all weekend so happy late birthday
written underneath: Matt

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Can I get a pickup from my dads' place in Manhattan? I'll give you all the Starbucks coffees for the next month.
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So I've got fifty bajillion texts and voicemails on my phone that I only just looked at. What happened?
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Where are you? We're on high alert. There's been an incident. Come back to the mansion right now. If you're at a bar we'll deal with that later.
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Totally saw you making out with hot bartender speedster dude, Gabriel, at the bar last night.

About time.
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What're you doing for Christmas? Steve and Andre said you should come to dinner if you're not doing anything else.


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