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Kyle. Why is some random guy calling you out on old Vines?

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[1/] I'm sure you'll be thrilled to hear there's a random portal in the middle of nowhere being guarded by an ex-SHIELD agent and whatever Namor is
[2/] And yeah, I went through the portal. Tell you more about that in person. It's interesting
[3/] Barton wants to know if there's a way we can move the portal to somewhere more secure. I said I'd talk to you, but I'm assuming it's in the realm of possibility

[1/] It'll be easy, he said. No problem, he said.
[2/] Barton is doing his own god damn paperwork for a month. Liar.
[3/] I've showered about ten times and now I'm going to go punch something in gym. If you join and still smell blood, don't worry - not mine.
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[1/2] I was arguing with Jean to let me cut into Natasha’s head.
[2/2] I’m not that upset. Just annoyed.
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Kyle! You'll never guess what I found out.
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To: [Sooraya, Kyle, Julian, Clint, Gabriel]
From: [Angel]
Subject: [Today In People Are Testing My Faith In Humanity]

I just got off the phone with my mom. My awesome, cool, sweet, mutant rights activist lawyer mother. Apparently she's been getting death threats at her office from Friends of Humanity types for several MONTHS but didn't want to tell me, and now they're starting to come to her HOUSE. The place where she lives. And sleeps. Mostly. I think she sleeps at the office a lot. Workaholic.


I'm going back to Seattle ASAP - basically as soon as I can figure out logistics and how much stuff I can fit in my car. If anyone wants to hurt her, they're going through me first. Once I'm done arguing with her about YES, she DOES need a bodyguard actually, because these people are DANGEROUS, and if anyone is setting anyone on fire, it's ME.

I might not tell her that last part.

So, time to do some logistics and speed packing and figure out if the cat can handle that long of a road trip. Not going to run out before I get a hug from all of you, don't worry, but I thought letting you know it was coming was better than ambushing you -Angel


To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Jones, Angelica]
Subject: [Team Resignation]

Hey Scott-

Due to various personal issues - namely people being terrible and threatening my mother - I'm stepping down from the X-Men and going back to Seattle, effective as immediately as I can possibly make it. I hate to do the short notice thing, but things escalated kind of quickly.



To: [Xavier, Charles] - CC: [Gibney, Kyle; Keller, Julian]
From: [Jones, Angelica]
Subject: [Resignation]

Hi Professor-

I'm sorry to say this, but I have to resign from my position as a Gen X mentor. There are some problems back home I need to take care of, and I have no idea how long it's going to take. I'm happy to help Kyle and Julian with finding my replacement, if not before I leave, then long-distance advising once I'm settled.

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To:  Gibney, Kyle
From: Sinclair, Rahne
Subject: I was going to wait..

Hi Kyle,

Every time I meant to email you, I talked myself out of it and then things are going sideways AGAIN at the mansion so I thought 'no, wait because things are going sideways AGAIN' but.

But maybe now's a good time at least to ask? Maybe if not start? 

Sorry, email babbling is the worst. I should be smart and, like, leave the mansion because this can't be normal and I've got so much more control over my powers. But. But this is my home and these are my friends and I don't want to leave.

So - idk, can you teach me stuff beyond what I'm learning in GenX?

I mean, I have a feeling it's going to be like 30% chasing you through the woods but like 70% Other Things that I need to know.


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I need to punch something and I can't leave the chapel right now. You busy?
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To: [Kyle]: How likely are you to say yes if I were to proposition you? Asking for my future self.
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(1/3) I got pineapples
(2/3) and moonshine
(3/3) you want tequila?
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Generation X Mentors 
Subject: Training Program 

Hi everyone, 

I was hoping you'd be willing to help me with something. I've been taken on by the Xavier Institute as an consultant and I'll be picking up an old X-Corps project of mine, namely a kind of ability training manual. I know you work with the kids to teach basic control and I'd love to discuss how you do this. I'm also on the hunt for training exercises for unusual power sets and I'd love any insights you have on these. 

I hope to hear from you soon, 
Sooraya Qadir  
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To: [Kyle]
From: [Reed]
Re: I apologize

I might have a tonic that could help with your experiment-induced stomach disorder. It's untested but the science is sound. There's an 80% chance you will suffer no ill side effects.

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A picture of a steak, with a note that reads 'check in the freezer!' In the freezer is a box of 5 steaks. A note reads:

Happy Birthday!
You are unmis-steak-ably awesome!
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To: [Kyle], [Ev], [Topaz], [Matt]
From: [Clint]
Subject: A team thing?

So I talked about a team type thing with Jennie a while back, but since we've been (accidentally sometimes) working together for a while now, what with Alaska and the fish people and the rage stick, I figured I'd toss the idea for a team thing to you guys, too. Fair warning: I kinda might've already tossed the idea at Julian what's his face. He didn't seem impressed, but he did say he'd maybe give us money.

I'm down for leather, but also figure it's not a prereq, like for the X-Men and everything. What do you guys think? Maybe it'd be worth it? I mean, at least then we could get paid for dealing with random science-y crap, ancient tech, and Asgardian baby WMDs. Yes? No? Maybe so?
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To: [Kyle], [Topaz], [Matt], [Ev]
From: [Clint]
Subject: [no subject]

the staffs offworld or at least i gave it to thor and todl him to keep it i'm really sorry about everything i have to go ice my ribs again now
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Jones, Angelica; Gibney, Kyle; Keller, Julian
Subject: Amadeus Cho


I don't know if you have already seen the message about the Advanced First Aid Course Clarice and I will be offering. I think Amadeus Cho is a very good candidate for this one since he performed a tracheotomy on someone when we helped at the roadside accident a while back.

Is there anything you can do to encourage him to sign up?

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To: [Firefly], [Dolladollabill]
From: [K-Gibz]
Subject: Guys I had the best idea.

Kay so first, Ghostbusters is freaking awesome. Second the kids are into it. Third they need some team work and powers stuff right I mean like always?

Four man squads, vs assorted ghosts. From - idk, like any of the Ghostbusters stuff, so we could mine the old cartoon or video games too, so they get some variety and it's not just the ghosts from the new movie.

So - so like here's the thing, at least some of 'em also wanna fight the Marshmallow Man so, lets like lets make it the reward for teamwork. Not winning but like, being good teammates.

Kids who wanna fight stay-puft get to, kids who don't wanna get some other cool reward like laughing at their friends covered in marshmallows.

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[1/4] dude u gota com n c this
[2/4] kanes KILLIN it n th DR - epic
[3/4] its lik lernin thru observation
[4/4] holy shit no 4srs get dwn here


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