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Four tickets to Interstellar in the city and a note that reads, "Know you've been wanting to see this. Should be fun. Invite whoever, you know I'm down. Happy Birthday, Billiam." There's a box beneath the tickets. Inside it there's a disassembled potato rocket launcher, an industrial potato shredder, and another note that reads, "And y'know, just in case. Gotta be prepared. Never know when potatoes will strike."
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Maddie couldn't find you at the mansion before she headed out, but she wanted to say bye - she'll probably call you soon. Me and Steve dropped her off at LGA.
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To: [chessmaster], [potato king], [candy floss], [lightshow]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Your mission, should you accept it...

So, Lorna's post gave me an idea for a lesson plan for you lot. Yes, you too, Tandy. Halloween tends to be a big thing around here, and to make things fun in a way that won't get out of hand, I've decided to give you free rein to help with things. Yes, that means using magic. Get creative, but make sure it's controlled, that it's harmless, and that the spells only last as long as you want them to. Tandy, I want you involved so you get an idea of what magic involves and to help with ideas, since Megan and Topaz (and me) haven't really celebrated Halloween in our own countries.

I'll be there to keep an eye on things, and to mark your results.

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To: [potato king], [chess master], [light show], [pink pixie]
From: [professor a]

Subject: Trouble over the weekend?

So I caught up with the journals and such and I hear you had another typical Xavier's field trip? Everyone all right? Anything I should know about? And please, for the love of everything holy, no demons this time?

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Can you believe we're seniors?!? We should really start thinking of our senior prank. Something they'll never forget.
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If you need some moral support after your talk with Amanda, stop on by. Trust me, I have lots of experience.
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to: [where's waldo]
from: [where in the world is carmen sandiego]
subject: teleporting

Hey Billy,

Can we reschedule your teleporting practice this afternoon and do it at 7pm this evening instead?


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You. Me. Cheeseburgers tonight. I probably won't be back from my folks' until almost 9, but tomorrow is too late.
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To: [gem]
CC: [xavier junior]

Subject: Revenge is sweet

As you saw from the reply to Billy I bcc'ed you two on, he came begging me for a fix. Topaz, feel free to take off the glamour overnight, please and thank you. Let me know if there's any issues.

Clint, I hope you had enough revenge for the hair loss? I have a feeling Billy won't be pranking you with magic again.

At least until next time.

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Subject: HELP!!!!!

Help! I'm not sure if you heard, but I had this great April Fool's Day joke on Clint and made his hair turn blue. 'Cept I sometimes forget he doesn't see things the way we do, so he didn't notice until we finally let him in on it.

Well, the first spell went off fine, so I guess that made me careless when I tried to reverse it. "I want Clint's blue hair to go away" backfired, and his HAIR went away, not just the blue. And now I think it double-backfired, because I didn't tell the blue part WHERE to go.

My hair started looking blue, then my scalp, and now my whole face looks like I drowned or something. But no one else seems to notice. Maybe no one can see blue anymore, or maybe just mutants don't see it, or maybe no one can but me. Which would be one thing, except I'm supposed to go...out tomorrow, and I don't know who will notice I look like the Walking Dead.
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Does my hair look bluish to you? Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think my reversal spell might have double-backfired.
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So I'm in enough trouble as is, so I'd appreciate it if no one commented on Clint's hair (or lack thereof) tomorrow. I guess "I want Clint's blue hair to go away." isn't a well-worded spell.

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For Maddie )

This guy made me think of you for some reason. Happy bday! -B
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Text 1
I've been practicing a color-changing spell.

Text 2
On Clint's hair.

Text 3
I think it's a nice shade of blue.

Text 4
Let's see how long before he notices.
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Have you actually met the new guy? Cause I haven't and I kinda feel like I'm slacking in the welcoming department.
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To: [lord of the potatoes]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Gold star.

I said it back in Belasco's palace, but I wanted to say it again when we were both clearer in the head. You did a bloody good job there, Billy and I'm proud of you. Megan needed someone whose magic was untainted and who wouldn't give up on her - you did both. Thanks for saving her - and me.


P.S.: Dinner on me this weekend, with Topaz and Megan. Holiday thing for the magic class.

To: [gem]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Strange talked to me.

Strange told me how well you did with the demons and the portal. Great job, kiddo - he doesn't impress easily. And thank you - we couldn't have done all this without you and it wasn't an easy job.


P.S.: Dinner on me this weekend, with Topaz and Megan. Holiday thing for the magic class.
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Dude, was Maddie wearing a cheerleader outfit today or was that like. A really weird, purple French Maid outfit? Cause, you know? What?
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Can I make it snow again? Please? This heat is killing me.


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