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Two tickets to the Imagine Dragon concert on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, including plan tickets for 12/28/18 and coming back on 1/3/19.

Note Included:
'Hi Husband, I thought you could use a vacation to see your favorite band. Hotel included. Love you and Happy Holidays! - Your wifey"
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To: [Everyone in XFI]
From: [Lorna]

Subject: re: Team Bonding

Hope you guys didn't forget. We are leaving in an hour.

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Can we make Ireland a yearly thing?
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[1/2] I left those files you wanted on your desk.

[2/2] Also, some guy named Rodrigo called. I left a post it message on your screen.
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Why do you let me leave the house alone? It's dangerous. But the good news is we have a new tent!
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[1/3] Hey, am back in town now. Didn't go far, just an hour's drive or so away, but yeah. Back now.
[2/3] Am in a hotel for now, one that thankfully lets you have a dog. We should talk when you have time.
[3/3] Also I hope you like dogs, and also also I have a dog now. FYI.
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1/2 Hey. Checkin in. Haven't heard from you since Thursday.
2/2 You alright?
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1/3 WTF Warren. Today of all days is NOT the day to be taking off because of your hangovers.
2/3 This guy's lawyer is no joke. Whatever the fuck happened last night is going to screw us.
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You, me, mountain climbing next Sunday, y/y/y?
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1/3 sis! come drink with me.
2/3 we are celebrating.
3/3 drinks are on Warren at the bar down the street from my office.

IM to Alex

Apr. 19th, 2018 08:48 am
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L.Summers: Hey. So I just got an the email. I haven't opened it cause I am slightly freaking out. But now I can't focus on this case.
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I will need Wednesday to Friday off this coming week. My PI exam is this Friday and I want to study.
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[1/4] Warren told me to talk to you.
[2/4] Apparently you're cuddly, more than Quentin anyhow.
[3/4] I asked him to let me work with X-Factor.
[4/4] Thoughts?
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That Maya girl will be in touch. She wants to work for us. Give her some horrible task to do. Let's see if she can stick it out. Can we hire someone to be belligerent and tell her off? Or is that too far?
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Personally Delivered By Lorna to her Favorite Sister, Wanda

Two Balloons in Wanda's favorite color, red. A bag with Wanda's favorite drink and a box with scarlet wrapping paper and a black bow inside the box is a new leather jacket. Attached is a birthday card.

Dearest Sister! Happy Birthday. I know you generally like to forget your birthdays but as your sister, I feel like it is my duty to remind you. We should have a birthday lunch at your earliest convenience. Until then, have a drink or two on me.

Love you lots.

Txt to Alex

Feb. 1st, 2018 08:33 pm
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Hey so, I went shopping after work. I ended up at an outdoor supplies store as they were having a 75% sale. I may have bought things and filled up the entire car.

Help me unload? I am in the garage.
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Delivered to their room:

Happy Birthday love. xoxo - Lor

Present inside the Box )
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You are going to let Daddy Warbucks pay for some of your wedding right? Or do I have to be sneaky about this?


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