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To: [Carmilla Black], [Kevin Ford], [Yvette Petrovic]
From: [Dr. Jean Grey-Summers]
Subject: More News

We've had more developments regarding Derek.

Jared appears to have regained his abilities back after contact with Derek during a visit. Further testing is needed, however.

Again, if you have any questions please talk to Hank, Amelia, or myself.

Dr. Jean Grey-Summers
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To: [Carmilla Black],[Jared Corbo],[Kevin Ford],[Yvette Petrovic]
From: [Dr. Jean Grey-Summers]
Subject: New Information

We have new information about the disappearance of your mutations but would prefer to discuss it in person.

If you would like to be informed, please come by the Medlab and talk to either Hank, Amelia, or myself.

Dr. Jean Grey-Summers
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Heading into District X to check out the lady who took the kids' powers. Wanna be back-up?
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To: [Bishop]
From: [Carlysle]
Subject: [Sandra Butcher]

Found the former calico on Long Island. Same story as the three Jean-Paul tracked down last week: looks human, claims Haven helped her. She reports no side effects, nothing wonky or health complications or anything. Got fingerprints since she says she actually had normal fingers before. I'm going to see if I can get Beaubier to track down our last guy in Maine.


TXT to Jean-Paul )
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Got final batch of DNA. Same as last two. Will be back in NY this evening. Plan to drop DNA off at the office.
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Found man claiming to be Julian in Arizona. Same as Tracey in Colorado. Physical description does not match. Got DNA.
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Found woman claiming to be Tracey in Colorado. Looks nothing like given description. Suggestions on how to proceed?
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To: Dr. Jean
From: Yvette

Subject: Kevin

Dr. Jean, is Kevin all right? Can I come and visit him?

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To: [Bishop, Lucas]
From: [Carlysle, Vanessa]
Subject: [Person of Interest]

Possible person of interest: Haven. According to Crystal Amaquelin she works out of a holistic clinic in the neighborhood and is responsible for the de-mutantifying of the mansion's kids recently. I don't know that she's involved but I went looking into if any of our missings turned up at a local hospital and found Crystal there. She suggested looking into Haven. Right now I've got Jean-Paul Beaubier on some surveillance of her until we can figure out if we need to look into her more.

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To: [Bishop, Lucas]
From: [Carlysle, Vanessa]
Subject: [X-Factor]

I've barely got the sign up and people are coming in with missing persons reports. I had a lady in here yesterday morning, then another came in last night and four more today. Word is they reported it to PD but don't think anyone's really looking. I'm going to start nosing around the neighborhood. Could you see what info that shiny PI license can let you dig up in terms of last known addresses, DMV or bank records?


[Attached:] MissingPersons22July.txt
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To: [Ford, Kevin]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: Information )

To: [Black, Cammie]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: Messenger )
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Are you JUST pissed because you're sick? That sucks, but weigh the options. And lay off Yvette already.
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To: [Cammie], [Jared], [Kevin], [Yvette]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: [Information regarding the loss of your mutations]

Cammie, Jared, Kevin, and Yvette,

I do not wish to give you false information. I can only say that what I am about to tell you is true to the best of my knowledge. There is no basis to believe otherwise, but people do not always tell the truth. Still, it is my impression that I was given accurate statements, and so I wish to share them with you.

If what I was told is true, the change that the four of you have gone through is a permanent one. You will not revert back to your original status as mutants, unless of course another event takes place to change this. You should not have to worry about any other complications due to losing your mutations; I have been assured that what was done was meant with noble intentions, to help remove difficulties from your lives.

As hard as it may be to believe, unless something is actively and purposely done to cause you to undergo another change, you will continue to remain without your mutations. They will not suddenly return to you without warning. There is no cause to be concerned about carrying a virus or being the cause of a change to anyone else.

I hope that this information answers some of the questions I am sure you have been wondering since the weekend of the fair and alleviates a few of your concerns.


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To: [Black, Carmilla]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Food

When you are not so sick, I think you should have bacon. I might be able to cook it without it burning. There might be nothing but bacon, though.



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