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Hey there! I've got a surprise for youuuuuuuuuuuu. But you have to come and get it! :D
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[1/3] omg

[2/3] liek omg omg omgggggggggggggggggggggg

[3/3] I think I kind of got a promotion or something or at least get to do more at work and omg! :DDDDDD!
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To: [PixieStick]
From: [Token Weirdo]
Subject: Favor

My most favoritest pixie stick ever! Think you'd be down doing me a favor? I wanna make Matt a button but obviously it totally has to be in braille and there is not way to make braille not boring. So I had a thought! I know some of the paints you use can be all made to be all texturey and stuff, right? Think you'd be down painting his button for me so you can make some sort of design he can feel and I'll get you the braille for you to paint on too so he can read it? And I sort of want to make him this Tee Shirt too >.> Which I totally won't tell anyone what it says because he will totally like turn red and maybe try to throw things at me for it. :D

So you down? Pretty pretty pretty? I will pay you in brownies or cookies or cake or like actual nutritious food or something?

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When're you done with classes? You are being drafted for Very Important Mission. We must scour for and obtain a button making machine thingie!
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To: [Miller, Layla]
From: [Frost, Adrienne]

Subject: Testing Theories

Hey Sunshine,

I know you still technically have a few days of summer vacation left, so I'm reluctant to bring up non-vacationy things, but I'm finalizing my personal calendar around the upcoming school year and I wanted to check in with you about meeting in the future to test some of those theories I had about your non-zombie-related abilities by way of some nefarious plans I've been working on? Still interested?

A. Frost.
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omg thank you so much for the gift, I love it1!!1!1! It's beautiful, and so are you. ♥♥♥
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I saw this and thought of you. It's by Erik Johansson.


And a wrapped, framed print of this
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Layla layla layla dance is tonite & I forgot to work out whta were wearing & youre coming w me right? <3?


Aug. 3rd, 2012 11:40 am
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Dear Gay Yoda, not-gay-Yoda says you are the Fashion Man. I need help crossdressing. Can I bribe you into helping me find stuff for dapper 40's men's suit-ness? For tonight?
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To: [Yoda], [Herr Wuschelig], [Vibrasocket]
From: [Hapless Wonder]
Subject: Suit help?

So, um, in my "I'm an awesome girlfriend" wisdom I totally told Sarah I'd go to that graduation dance thingum that's tonight that she like JUST texted me about. But, uh, Layla no do girlie dresses so...uh...who knows where I should go to try to find stuff to put together a 1940's type men's suit? Goal here is "dapper as fuck." Totally a real classification. Seriously

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To: Layla Miller
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: Hey

Hey lady,

It's been ages since I've been to a punk show and I was thinking of going this weekend. Do you know of anything going on? I guess I just haven't found the scene here yet. You seemed like a good person to ask, and anyway, I would love it if you came with me!

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Txt 1: Hey, so I was wondering if we could do a movie night with just the girls?

Txt 2: I don't know anyone yet, so I thought maybe you could help me put it together?
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Text to Scott

Sarah and I are going to the city. Taking green Mazda from school. Will check in every hr with whoever's on stake out duty.

Text to Sarah

Operation Two Hype Feet phase 2 is a go! Meet me in the garage.
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You turn that damn thing off or I am going to do it for you.

And it will involve blunt force trauma until it shuts the hell up.
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To: [VibraSocket]
From: [Queen of the Damned]
Subject: Ice is back with my brand new invention

I'm killin' your brain like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly... when I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony

Just so you know, if Maddie kills me in my sleep it's gonna be because Vanilla Beaver goes off every time I move in bed and I can't figure out how to make him stop!

No Love,
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To: [That Kid]
From: [Really Not Amused]
Subjt: (no subject)

Kid, I don't know what the fuck you're doing but I don't need you to make excuses for me.
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To: [Korvus]
From: [Layla]
Subject: Kara

So you remember when you gave me that Kara bracelet as part of my secret Santa gift? You know how I used to wear it literally all the time? You remember that time a totally fucked up crazy country kidnapped us all from a protest and we showed up without our clothes? Guess what else didn't show up? So...I dunno if there are like cheap knock offs vs like good ones or whatever. Can you help me find somewhere to get a replacement from? Or maybe wherever you got the first one from?



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