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To: [The Affected]
From: [Braddock, Elisabeth]
Subject: [Memories, or a lack thereof.]

First off, I'd like to apologize to any that may have unduly suffered during my unsuspected episode Sunday night. Know that if there was any way I could've prevented it -- I would have.

Now, I've already spoken to Jean about her romp through my brain, or these days how I like to lovingly refer to it as, my esprit endommagé. I'm going to assume that her experience is the rule and not the exception and even though I'm not going to put much stock into what happened I still would like to know what in particular you all were 'witness' to, as I can't recall what happened beyond Saturday evening.

Though as allergic as you lot are to the idea of discussing what goes on in your own heads, let alone mine, I must ask for your help as I am having trouble calling upon my memory at the moment. When you have the time and feel comfortable in discussing what you saw, please do so. You need only email me here or contact me through other means. It's a large place but I'm sure you can find me, if determined.

Best regards,
Elisabeth Braddock
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to: [ALL Staff]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: ...

Betsy Braddock is down. Bartlett and I are bringing her back to the mansion. Something to do with an incident at a local Hellfire event. Clear some medlab space. We're going to bring her straight down.



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