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[From: Artie]
[To: M-A]
[Subject: LOA]

Hi Boss,

Been debating sending this to you for a while.

I need to take some time and get my head clear. Too many people wearing dead friends faces in the mansion these days or something. Had a chat with Gabriel, had a series of chats with our mandatory psych where I couldn't talk about most things. ETC.

I've set up arrangements for covering the mutant underground sources I work with across key cities. No-one will notice if I drop out of sight for a few months.

I just need some time. Promise not to take out a casino again.

- A
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To: [jubilee], [marie-ange], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [north], [artie]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Incoming.


Just got word from Topaz that there's a new resident - Betsy Braddock. Topaz picked up something from her that may or may not be Kwannon-ish. It's something to keep in mind, any way. She's come with the Professor's blessing, so I may be jumping the gun. Still, be prepared and all that bollocks.


P.S.: Dibs on not being the one to tell Haller. That's just way too much drama for me.
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...a cat carrier with Midnight inside. A note is taped to the carrier.

The note )

Left on the counter of the suite is Topaz’ cell phone and an envelope addressed to Amanda:

The letter )
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(1/12) Amanda do you recall a social worker named Will Jackson?
(2/12) He had your case when you were younger
(3/12) Or a F. Jones? Francis, all he remembers is an F name. Or O. Perhaps Oscar.
(4/12) It was Felix. Felix Jones was in charge of mutant children in the system.
(5/12) Pete is nowhere to be found in your files. He did not even recall the name Wisdom.
(6/12) Moira is. He remembers her signing paperwork very often.
(7/12) This man never stops talking
(8/12) I cannot convince him to send me the files directly
(9/12) Amanda he says they tried to find your brother
(10/12) I do not think he means Kurt Kurt is never described as fair or white
(11/12) Amanda none of this makes sense it is all diagonal little things are all different
(12/12) Xorn broke your past we need to get a full record dump
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[1/2] We found your team.
[2/2] Here.  You're welcome.  ~C
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(1/3) Emergency with one of the students
(2/3) Demonic bubblegum does not come out with peanut butter
(3/3) She may have scissors.
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(1/8) Re your comment about the Bermuda Triangle to Amanda's post
(2/8) It is my job to make predictions that come true in the worst way
(3/8) you stole my job
(4/8) so I have stolen yours. Double. Because you are a thief.
(5/8) So I stole you being a thief.
(6/8) Also I have stolen all your crochet needles and your ice creams
(7/8) and your coffee mug
(8/8) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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To: [Amanda, Clarice, Marie-Ange, Quentin]
From: [Bobbi]
Subject: A question...

Hey all,

I'm copying all of y'all on here, as I think each of you may have an answer for me and I'm too lazy to send out individual e-mails.

Where would one go if one were interested in getting a tattoo? Hypothetically speaking of course.

And, if one were going to actually get one, would one come with... one?

Asking for a friend.

(Ok it's me but shh it's supposed to be a surprise)
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(1/3) You have had four months.
(2/3) I am going to wreck it.
(3/3) I am correcting Clinton's terminology.
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[1/4] Did Amanda's lakey protege actually accept the job offer?
[2/4] If so, what're her powers? Does she have anything offensive?
[3/4] Cause if not, we need to rethink security at the front.
[4/4] I'm thinking something poison darts. Panic button.
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To: The Gemstone One
From: Marie-Ange
Subject: Art?

Are we rescheduling our meeting regarding your art commission? I did sent a meeting reschedule request but if I am quite honest, this phone's calendar app is very likely Satan and should be exorcised.

I will trade an exorcism of this phone for artwork. Fair is fair.

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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
From: [Gemstone]

Subject: [A Proposition]


As I understand, money is a thing that can one person can give another for certain services. I need your help with something that, unfortunately, doesn't involved maiming or killing. However it could very well get both of us killed. Interested?

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To: Friedlander, Sharon
CC: Sefton, Amanda
From: Colbert, Marie-Ange
Subject: re: In need of help

Ms Friedlander,

My apologies for the delay in replying, I was out of country and away from email.

I believe yes, Snow Valley has resources we can tap to look into this person for you.

Was the Soldier program this "Qunbula" part of attached to the United States or Canada or should we focus on other countries outside North America? Can you provide a description of this man? Have you seen his powers personally? If you did encounter him in person could you provide a location, date and time?

Please feel free to reach out with any other information you may remember, as even the most minute detail could give us additional avenues of inquiry.

Are you certain he is a mutant? Amanda has somewhat more esoteric contacts than mine, and so any indication that he may, perhaps be more of the Avada Kevedra set would be her domain.

Marie-Ange Colbert
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Colbert, Marie-Ange; Sefton, Amanda
Subject: In need of help

From what I've picked up around the mansion you might be able to help me. The story is long and tangled and most of it is in the attachment, but I've a former test subject of the Iraqi Super Soldier program after me. The guy I only know as Qunbula and he can blow himself up and pull himself together again.

My contact can't find anything for sure that tells us if the program is still active or if he's part of some kind of group. Hell, we can't even find how he got in the country. 

Is this something you can work with? 


Attachment: Qunbula.pdf
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From: Abbott, Hope 
To: Colbert, Marie-Ange; Ramsey, Doug 
Subject: Really???

So... I went to my first class this morning from the course you gave me... was not quite sure what to expect, but I did not think you would sign me up for a BURLESQUE class!?!?! I looked like an idiot this morning... 

Though on second hand, I should have guessed *facepalms* 


PS. I do love the card for a spa day.  
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To [the old crowd]
Subject  [i goddamn quit]
Attached  [mansion security footage]

Remy. Is back. The new improved version. 

Fuck this shit.
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Group Message

(1/2)I have successfully risen the dead, I need a vacation.
(2/2)When is our schedule free? I am done with all of this drama.


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