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To: [Dr. Grey-Summers, Dr. Voght]
From: [Dr. McCoy]
Subject: [Shift Coverage]

Dear Colleagues,

It is with sincere apologies that I must beg a favor from the two of you. Young William has fallen ill back across the Atlantic and I am to depart within the hour to be with him. I realize this will put a burden on the two of you in regards to shift coverage of the medical lab, but there is- to my perception- no viable alternative to inconveniencing the two of you.

My case files are all up to date on my computer, with hard copies filed properly in my office.

Most Sincerely,
-Dr. Henry McCoy
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[from] "The Fed Phone!"
[to] McCoy, Hank

Can you quietly get a hold of the autopsy report of 'Naslund, William', at Westtown General, San Diego?

Says death from 'natural causes'. Have reason to doubt that.

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(1/3) Didn't sleep at all last night or the night before. Going to take
(2/3) a two hour nap. Amelia's on duty, then Adrienne and I are
(3/3) going to get something to eat. If either of you need anything call me.
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To: [McCoy, Hank]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Medlab Shift

Hank, do you mind taking my evening shift today? I wanted to spend some time with Scott for his birthday, even if its on the phone.

I will repay you in twinkies and coffee, probably together if you'd like. :D

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Hey guys,

Tim Dugan just e-mailed me about a lead that's come up in the whole Alpha Flight attack. It looks like we've got more information about who hired Corrigan and possibly sent the team to kill him (and nearly us) last year. I can't roll this out to the X-Men; it means working with SHIELD and tangling with a big corporation, and I don't want to risk a splash back to the school.

So feel free to say no, but if you're willing, I'm going to arrange a flight to Hong Kong tonight.

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This Painted Lab Coat with a note saying

Happy Birthday, Hope you get lots of use out of it, Piotr
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Three presents, wrapped in "Equations," "Binary," and "Zombies"wrapping paper with a blue bow, bright green bow, and red bow respectively.

One present is a Laboratory Beaker Mug , wrapped with the equations wrapping paper.

One present is a "Look at me, still talking when there's science to do" t-shirt, wrapped with the binary wrapping paper.

And the third present is a box of banana Twinkies, wrapped with the zombie wrapping paper.

A card is attached that says:

Happy Birthday, Hank. Sorry you can't be out and about to celebrate it but maybe a few of us can get together in the future to celebrate sometime. -Jean
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For Hank and Garrison - two small baskets of apples, each with a note saying "Get well soon!"

For Jean - a small basket of apples with a note saying, "An apple a day for the doctor. Thank you for looking after us so well."
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To: [Grey-Summers, Jean], [Voght, Amelia]
From: [McCoy, Hank]
Subject: Kevin Ford

Dear Colleagues,

I've just had a discussion with Mister Ford upon his return from a sojourn celebrating his legal victory. Apparently, his mutation has shifted functionality and he is experiencing no small amount of stress as a result of this change.

While his ability is typically innate, it now seems to function sporadically- which is to say that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Given previous studies, this shouldn't be possible. I've taken samples and run some preliminary tests, and will be running a full battery of further examinations this evening.

Though I know we need no reminder of this, HIPPA requires our confidentiality with this information. At this time Kevin does not appear to be a danger to himself or to others- at least no more than usual- so I will not be bringing this matter to the attention of Charles. I wanted you all to know what was happening so that you could lend your expertise to whatever data analysis we need to deconstruct in the wake of this evening's exams.

Dr. Hank McCoy
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To: [Jones, Angelica]
From: [McCoy, Hank]
Subject: Operation: Jokers Wild

Dear Ms. Jones,

You may be aware that there was a malfunction with my lab's safety shower this morning. For reasons I can not expand upon, my primary suspect is one Robert "Bobby" Drake.

My records indicate that you have a disposition towards mischief and I could use someone of your talents for a little operation I have in mind to ensure the lesson of who the king of practical jokes around here is sinks in with Mister Drake.

What do you say?

Hank "Mister Blue" McCoy
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To: [McCoy, Hank]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: ...

I have found an article recently. Are you making me harm the fish?

Link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/01/110121103748.htm

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[Pt 1] As I know you're on a mission right now to find our compatriots a new coffee maker, I thought you

[Pt 2] should know that I've decided to make us a new coffee maker, saving the school some of our rather limitless budget.
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To: [Dr. Beast], [Miss Jean]
From: [Dori]
Subj: SATs

Scary Test Stuff )
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To: [Ororo]
From: [Hank]
Subject: [Do You Know What Today Is?]

My dear friend,

Can it be true that you're celebrating a birthday yet again? I count myself surprised you're turning *portion redacted*.

I have a little something for you down in my office, as an enticement for you to visit should you ever be in the area.

With love,
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To: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
From: [McCoy, Henry]
Subject: [New Danger Room Scenario]

Dear Jean,

With the help of Angelo Espinosa I have finished programming the new Danger Room scenario that you requested- recreating the recent mission to Los Angeles, specifically the portion which took place in the mirror maze. It took a month's worth of adjustment on some tech, which failed spectacularly I must add, to find the right way to generate the desired power dampening effect. The original design for the program used modified inhibitor collars to create a dampening field (similar to those dampeners used in some major hospitals). When that failed, I went back to the drawing board and came to the conclusion that I must be getting old.

The arrived at solution was to have the targeting program (which I'm naming TagTech) deliver a small adhesive patch with a micro-charger unit embedded within the material. The patch needs a special solvent to remove it which is only found at the end of the maze (or, of course, within the MedLab). Like the power inhibitors, it scans for the presence of an X-Gene, but instead of inhibiting the ability by releasing energy of it's own, it simply gives a very mild electrical shock whenever there is activity within that part of the brain. This will use short term Pavlovian conditioning toward finding solutions out of the maze without the use of mutant abilities.

I'd like to run a training session with you and several members of your choosing with the following parameters:

File Name: Beast 10012.4
Mission Outcome: Work cooperatively toward exiting the maze after reaching four checkpoints without any team members being tagged and depowered.
Acceptable Losses: Half the team getting depowered.

Please let me know when your squad is assembled and we'll see to it that you are finally given a challenge within the chambers below the mansion.

Sincerest Regards,
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Found in the mailslots of:

All the current New Mutants (including Nico, even if she gives Yvette a wiggins); Angelica, Fred, Julian, Kevin, Kyle, Laura, Laurie and Paige; selected staff: Charles, Garrison, Crystal, Jan, Callisto, Bobby, Kurt, Tabs, Hank, Jean and Jean-Phillipe; and left on desks at the Elpis office, Angelo and John.

Plain white card with the following written in gold pen in rather pretty handwriting:




SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, 2010 AT 1:30 P.M.

Guests welcome.
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To: [All Faculty and Staff]
From: [Dr. Henry McCoy]
Subject: [The "Untouchables"]
CC: [Petrovic, Yvette]; [Black, Cammie]; [Ford, Kevin]; [Corbo, Jared]

Dear Fellow Mansion-Bound Professionals,

It's my astounding duty to announce that- after getting consent forms signed by all the proper parties to avoid a HIPPA lawsuit- the group who has taken to calling themselves the "untouchables" has been released from medical lab. At this time we are not seeing signs of any sort of viral contaminant, however, should their condition noticeably change, please direct them back to my office immediately.

For those of you whom are not "up" on the latest gossip and news from around our little village, on Sunday the 27th four members of our community approached me with news of their gifts no longer working- at all. Afflicted parties include the following:

Yvette Petrovic
Carmilla Black
Kevin Ford
Jared Corbo

All four of these individual's gifts manifested in such a way that they could potentially cause harm to others by touching them, sometimes involuntarily. Presently, they are no danger to anyone, but we do not know the exact cause of this transformation and do recommend caution when around them. Although we have ruled out contagiousness, we are not certain when their gifts will return to normal.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I would be more than happy to answer them at this time.

Sincerest Regards,
-Dr. McCoy & The MedLab Staff

CC: Yvette Petrovic, Carmilla Black, Kevin Ford, Jared Corbo
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To: [Big Blue]

From: [Violet Femme]

Subject: Test Results )


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