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To: [Kamikaze]
From: [Cyclops]
Subject: something of a rather large favor to ask...

Would you consider a new suitemate? For various reasons, it's inadvisable to have Tommy Jones in a suite by himself. You struck both Jean and myself as the most trustworthy candidate in the right age and gender range. Without going into too much detail, there have been incidents - I suppose we should have expected that, given Tommy's former affiliations and his attitude. Your presence, in that sense, would be a deterrent, and I know that we can trust you to keep an eye on Tommy as well, and advise us if there's anything going on with him that we need to know.

I realize this is a lot to ask. I'm basically proposing to stick you with possibly the most difficult suitemate imaginable and a fair amount of extra responsibility. If you don't want to take it, that's perfectly all right; we can find someone else. But you were, as I said, the first and best candidate to come to mind, so I thought we needed to give you the option.

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To: [de Guzeman, Manuel]
From: [Summers, Scott]
Subject: when you have a minute...

... please stop by my office. I realize you're not planning to be with us for much longer, but for the interim, you're still a student and we need to talk about what went on between you and Tommy Jones.

S. Summers
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To: [guidance counselor woman]
From: [aggravated headmaster]
Subject: want to be the good cop?

Or the less-bad cop, at least? I need to have a talk with our young Mr. Gibney about why assaulting fellow students is a bad thing. Again. Apparently he and Mr. Jones had something of a disagreement.

I was tempted to ask Nathan, but he seems a little off. And you are very good at the 'hail fellow, well met, but how could you be that stupid?' approach. If you could prime the pump a little and point him at my office, I'd owe you a beer next time we're at Harry's.

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To: [Ororo], [Wanda], [Moira]
cc: [Charles], [Scott], [Hank], [Maddie]
Subject: problem

Tommy Jones attempted to kill himself this morning. Obviously this is not going to become public knowledge, and Charles and I have already talked, but this is something I felt you should be aware of. Tommy and I spent a while talking and he's doing better, but I'm still worried, particularly about him staying on his own. I'm not saying he needs a suicide watch, but I think he suffers from his isolation far more than he would be willing to admit. Consequently, I think we should try and find a suitemate for him.

Obviously, this is hard because I agree with the decision not to break up any of the settled student suites - they've found their own balance about living together and shaking that up on Tommy's behalf would probably not go over very well. Have been going over the enrollment lists and trying to find someone who would be suitable, but I welcome any suggestions since I'm really getting nowhere. I almost want to say we should ask Shiro if he'd be willing to help out. He's old enough and responsible enough to understand what we'd be asking, I think, and he hasn't got the same record with FoH that many of the others do and, with Alex having moved into Lorna's rooms, he's in an odd rooming situation.

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This email is sent out bcc to a comprehensive list of all students who have been involved in violent incidents with the FoH. [ooc note: If you feel there is any reason for your character to be on this list, they are.]

To: [list suppressed]
From: [Dr. Grey]
Subject: Please meet with me

A matter relating to Mr. Jones has come up which we feel you have the right to know about. Please come by my office sometime this evening, or email me if this is not possible.

-Dr. Jean Grey
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To: [best friend #1], [best friend #2]
From: [get me out of here]
Subject: where are you guys?

Alison just told me. Coma Boy woke up. He's bedridden for, like, ever, but I need to not be here anyway. I need out. Now.
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To: Grey, Jean
From: Kylun
Subject: I had a thought.

It was a custom of the monastery that when one or more of us was unconscious for a long time, those of us with time would take it in turns to read to them, or converse with them--to keep the sound of a human voice in their ears, and to make sure that someone was there when they awoke.  I know that the second is not a concern, with all the volunteers, but if the first would help, I offer my services.
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To: [Moonstar, Danielle]
From: [A random free Yahoo account]

Subject: Hey Dani, it's Karen.

Look I know I'm probably the last person you want to see an e-mail from waiting for you in your mail box but, I have something very important I need to ask you. Last weekend there was an FOH rally, that me parents and brother went to. I went to the mall. Well, they didn't come home untill way after midnight, and Josh later then that. The next day, one of his best friends, Tommy Jones, went missing. Today, I overheard Josh bragging to some of his new 'friends' that a boy manifested at the rally and after he'd been beaten to death, he and some of his friends dumped the body outside your school. I can't help but think it was Tommy since he disappeared the same day.

I know I probably have no right to ask this, but is he, ya know...really dead like Josh says? The kid may have been an ass now that I look back on it but he was still like another little brother to me.

That isn't the only thing I wanted to ask. I also wanted to know if you've delivered your baby or not yet...I want to know how your doing in general. I just really needed the courage to finally e-mail you.

I miss going to Tai Chi and being friends.

I hope to hear from you, but if not, I understand.

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To: [Jay]
From: [Forge]
Subject: Tell me I didn't just hear that.

I did not hear the name "Tommy" used in the same sentence as our mystery kid in the medlab. And given Terry screaming this morning and then you yelling yesterday, it's too much to be a coincidence.

For god's sake, tell me I'm wrong, Jay. This isn't the guy, it can't be.

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To: [medlab list], [Charles], [Cyclops], [Storm], [Dazzler], [intel team]
From: [Jean Grey]
Subject: not a mystery any more...

I've got a positive ID on the boy - Terry came down for a check up and I didn't get the door shut in time. His name is Tommy Jones, and he would appear not to be just any ex-junior-FoH. Terry's reaction was rather extreme, and I wasn't able to get much more from the deluge of thoughts, but she seemed to be under the impression that Tommy was somehow the brains behind most of what's been happening to our kids.

And now we've taken on the responsiblity of caring for the little monster. Just about makes my day.

From a medical standpoint, there's been no change, and change is unlikely in the near future. As far as the school at large goes, I've told Bobby and Terry that they are not to tell anyone, but... someone should keep an eye on them. Terry was quite shaken, and Bobby has a history with the FoH. Charles, it might not be a bad idea to get them in for tea sometime soon.

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To: [Scott]
From: [Jean]
Subject: -sigh-

Hank down played the boy's condition on the public post (which will give you some idea of the state he's in, if that was down playing it, I guess) and we're going to have to restart nightshifts down here. It was bound to happen again sooner or later...

I'm taking tonight, and we're working out a proper schedule, but I thought I'd let you know the bed will be lacking one sheet thief tonight.

Love you,


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