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To: {Summers}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: news

Not actually very much news, but here it is. Just as it would have been without the nagging, I may note.

If you've been paying attention at all, you've probably seen reports that they've located the wreckage and are recovering bodies. I haven't been able to find out whose bodies yet, but it's entirely possible I just haven't been throwing enough bribe money around or dropping the right names in the right ears. The probe footage, on the other hand . . . well, it was odd. There's a crater, but it's perfectly circular and only slightly dished--and it's so smooth it very nearly looks polished. If the island had been atomized, the matter would still be there, but there's nothing but bedrock, suggesting that the matter went somewhere else. How lucky for us that it's such a small universe, and human-livable conditions persist in so much of it.
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To: [Stavros, J.]
From: [Marko, C.]
Subject: Window

I'm not going to get on your case about the lamp through the window. I'll be up to fix it in the morning.

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From: [Still hungover wtf]
To: [She of the grey boyfriend], [He of the redhead girlfriend]
Subject: said redhead girlfriend

Yo. Either of you seen Angie lately? Haven't seen her all day, and she's not answering her phone. And she has some report that I need to send out today or else AMNH is going to have me hung. And not in the fun way.

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"And now we'll go live to Manoli Wetherell in Lisbon, reporting on the tragic events of this past Monday. Manoli, what can you tell us?"

"Not much, Neal. What we do know is that the Attilan royal jet liner carrying King Agon and Queen Rynda, as well as numerous Parliament officials and royal family members, has crashed off the coast of Attilan. Or more accurately, the former island of Attilan. Shortly after the distress call from the royal aircraft, all communication was lost with the island nation."

"Manoli, we understand there were two aircraft in the vicinity during the incident. Has anyone come forward with eyewitness reports?"

"They're sketchy at this time, Neal. A chartered aircraft was leaving the island shortly before the event, and Lufthansa flight 52 was two miles out inbound to the island. Both planes were rerouted to the mainland, and there were some eyewitness accounts from the Lufthansa passengers that indicated some type of tidal wave surrounding the island, although no official statement has been made."

"Are we given to understand that the entire island is simply... gone?"

"That seems to be the case, Neal. Right now, United Nations personnel and Red Cross volunteers in cooperation with various navies of the European Union nations to search for any survivors of either the crashed jet or the island itself."

"Manoli, have any groups or individuals come forward with any explanation or claim of responsibility? Is this being treated as a possible act of terrorism?"

"Not as of this time, Neal, although neighboring islands in the Azores are being evacuated with the assistance of the Red Cross just in case. Right now, all we can do is wait and hope, but information seems to be very limited."

"Thank you, Manoli. Manoli Wetherell, live from Lisbon, Portugal. More on this situation as it develops. I'm Neal Conan, stay tuned to NPR-TV."
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To: [Medusa]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Thank you.

Dear Medusa,

Thank you very much for to be inviting me to your party. I had a very good time, and I wish you and Mr. Blackager a very happy life when you are to be married.

Also, I hope Crystal is being happier now we have been leaving and she can be resting. She is saying she is not feeling well and is tired, and she was being not like herself. Now we are gone, she can be relaxing again.


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Plain white envelope with a printed message on pale pink paper with apple blossoms on it. Postmarked for last week.

Dear Medusa,

Thank you very much for to be inviting me to your engaging party. I would very much like to be coming.

(In Albanian)

~Many blessings to you and your intended and may your future be full of joy.~


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Handwritten note on fine paper, in an envelope addressed to Medusa left in the mansion's mail pile.

Dear Lady Medusalith, )

To: {Crystal}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: State secrets, eh? )
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Delivered to each of the following; the inner envelope specifies and guest for those non-students not already invited with their significant other. The invitations are these: http://www.aliadesigns.com/flash/portfolio_amisha_std.html. There is also an announcement about the engagement in several tabloids.

Guestlist )

Invitation )


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