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email to all X-Men, X-Force, X-Corps and X-Factor members, as well as medical staff - also, Wade Wilson, Julian Keller, Arthur Centino, Callisto and Megan Gwynn

I am sorry if this is horrible I am still trying to find how to say it. I will speak to some of you in person.

We have Jean, the mission was a success but I do not know if the price we paid was worth the cost. Storm and Gambit are gone. Clinton Barton is dead. Many more are compromised, physically or mentally including Jean herself.

We killed half the Imperial Guard, I do not know what the price we will pay for that will be.


Email to X-Force members

No, I did not know they would die. I am sorry.
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To: [Xavier School Staff]; [Xavier School Students], [Xavier School Residents]
From: [Xavier, Charles]
Subject: Nicholas Gleason

I have some important, and perhaps difficult to absorb, news for you all.

While in New York, Mr. Sefton and Mr. Keller had an encounter with a young man at the airport. This young man appears to be Nicholas Gleason, however, he has no memory of his life up to and including the incident at graduation and some time after that. It appears that he has been through significant trauma, both mental and physical, which has caused this amnesia, and he has been living under another identity during this time. His lack of memory essentially made him a 'new' mind, thus preventing him being found by telepathic scan.

The medical staff and I are confident that this is indeed Nick and in order to help him regain his true identity, he has been invited to return to the mansion. He is extremely confused, as you can understand, so I would request that you all be mindful of that when you interact with him.

Also, a note to the telepaths in residence – Nick's mind is in a very delicate state and as a result, I will be refraining from using anything more than the most surface scans. I ask that you all do him the same courtesy, to avoid causing serious damage.

It is often mentioned that our lives are very strange sometimes. When that strangeness includes the return of one of our number apparently from the dead, it is not such a burden to bear. Welcome home, Mr. Gleason.

Professor Charles Xavier.
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To: [All Snow Valley]
From: [Maximoff, W]

beyond violently ill these past few hours, having problems even standing, cannot stop clinging to the bathroom.

hospital? fuck.

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to: [XMEN all], [SNOWVALLEY all]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Found them

We ran down the coordinates that Xavier provided us from Cerebro on our missing people. They're being held in Symkaria. We've got a couple of contacts in the country. It's about the size of Delaware, and mostly known as an excellent base for covertly moving money in and out of Eastern Europe.

One of the very few interesting things about it is a dormant volcano, Mt. Schron, right on the border. Xavier's pinpointed them right in the midst of it, and a little money spread around got us three different confirmations of massive shipments of building material to a site adjacent to the volcano. There's a complex inside the volcano itself, which is the only place you could hide that volume of material.

I'll be inside the country getting some people organized on the ground to get us close without getting spotted. Our people are going to deploy as soon as possible to join me. Ororo, let us know when you're on the ground, and we'll figure out how to take them best.

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to: [X-MEN all], [SNOWVALLEY staff]
from: [guest]

I’d like to thank the Professor for providing me with access to your e-mail system.

E-Mail Text )
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I found something. You know that wheel pendant Kurt gave Amanda for her birthday? It showed up in a pawnshop behind King's Cross station. Don't figure there's two like it in London, so I bought it back.

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to: [Snow Valley ALL]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

Apologies for the short notice, but you all have twenty-five minutes to pack and be at Frost's Lear at Kennedy. You're going to Russia. Make sure that you dress warm. Betsy and I will meet you here.

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To: (Summers, Scott), (Munroe, Ororo)
From: (Colbert, Marie-Ange)
Subject: Reserve status discussion )

To: (Ramsey, Doug)
From: (Colbert, Marie-Ange)
Subject: Job offer. )

To: (Amanda)
From: (Marie-Ange)
Subject: So, tell me about the brownstones? )

To: (Remy)
From: (Marie-Ange)
Subject: Job offer )
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From: Logan
To: Remy
Subject: You hired Wanda.

Got any work for me? The Cub Scouts do good work, but I'm itchin' for something a little more ... just more. A little more.
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To: [Wisdom, Pete]
From: [Ramsey, Doug]
Subject: The job offer

I accept. The paperwork is signed, and I can fax it or bring it over.

Mind if I start moving into the apartment tomorrow?



To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Ramsey, Doug]
Subject: A job

...as in, I'm taking one. Pete Wisdom offered me a job as system administrator for the think tank he's setting up, and I've decided to accept. I think that I can do a lot of good there.

As regards the team, I don't know what's best. I was figuring you could treat it something like a military reservist. Keep the set of leathers stored, and if you get in a situation that needs every warm body with X-Men training, let me know.

I'm not entirely sure what to say, sir. I hope you don't think poorly of me for this.

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To: [Pete]
From: [Nate]
Subject: I hate this place sometimes...

Nothing like having your wife return home and inform you that she was in the middle of some Bizarre Incident in a convenience store. She's fine. I have no clear idea what happened, but I got one hell of a blast down the link and Rachel screamed for a solid hour.

Anyway. That's not actually why I was emailing. I had lunch with Amanda yesterday - I don't know if she mentioned - and it struck me that establishing the appearance of a consultative relationship between Elpis and your "think-tank" might be a worthwhile thing, for information-sharing if nothing else. God knows we come across things that are suspicious-looking on a regular basis, and one of the drawbacks of going legal is that I have to limit what I stick my nose into.

Plus, if your lot occasionally has to do real work, it's like I was saying to Amanda - I certainly don't have the staff available to do serious background research. I can however afford to hire them from outside. Or "hire" them.

Let me know - I seem to be in at the UN every second day or so lately, so it's no problem to stop by your new place.

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To: [Wisdom, Pete]
From: [Ramsey, Doug]
Subject: That invitation

So, it appears some free time has opened up on my schedule. Tomorrow work for you?

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To: [ Interior Design Team ]
From: [ Mademoiselle Poupre ]
Subject: [ Not for naught... ]

...but I'm absolutely knackered.

I do have a gift for the two of you and it's not even your birthdays. At least, I don't think it's either one of your birthdays. Well, I'm almost positive it isn't. Especially since I've never been privy to witnessing the perfunctory drunkiness that is akin to such celebrations. And I am, in fact, speaking of celebrations that are conceivably more devastating than your usual romps to the pub. On that note, would it kill either one of you to actually age yourselves? Mind you, it's a damn pesky thing trying to go birthday shopping for spooks. Our lot is so damn paranoid. Can I tell you it ruins the fun when random gifts are treated to bomb squads and scent dogs before actual handling. Besides feelings get hurt, it's not like I'm doing something hazardous like cooking.

Getting back to the point, I'm back as Amanda has no doubt informed you with good news. Ruffled feathers have been smoothed and egos stroked. Luckily most men are perverts or we'd have a harder time pulling this off. As it stands, because of me, we now have strong contacts bridging across the Southeast quadrant and with a few well-placed nudges I've decently managed to cover the rest of the Asian contingent. We're no longer running blind. Hell, if our luck continues, I'm hopeful that we'll be well on our way to rebuilding what we managed to bugger up this past year.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a long and drawn out meeting with a hot stone treatment.

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to: [Marko, Cain]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

How would you feel about a renovation job in the city? It doesn't pay anything, but you do get to force Wisdom to wield a hammer.

Seriously, Frost just dumped us into one of her buildings, and this place needs some homey touches, like say, a really good insurance fire.

Can you come in and take a look? Drinks on me this time.



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