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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
CC: [Kane, Garrison]
From: [Guthrie, Paige]
Subject: Kaufman Clinic 

My Google-fu is failing me and since Kitty went away and Doug is with you, well.  I need information on the Kaufman Clinic and apparently you're part of a "think tank" or something.  I've got leads on their former patients, a good deal of which are dead, since obviously their relatives aren't too happy about all this, but the Clinic itself is still too shrowded.  For some reason they won't let a possibly contagious mutant and a possibly host mutant in the same room for a chat, so the obvious answer is out.

I wouldn't ask were it not important.

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To: [thehelpful]
Subject: So sorry

I didn't mean to, you know that right? I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to pick me up and, you know, thanks for trying to help. It's just a nasty bug okay? It'll pass.

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To: [Doctor Jean], [Doctor Amelia]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Jay

Dear doctors,

Perhaps this is the being the nosy person, but I think Jay is sick. He is being tired and not like himself, and when we were playing cards, he was not seeing the properly, I do not think. But he has the healing power - if he is sick, it is the very strong sickness, yes?

He is being the silly boy and not going for the help, so I am being, how you say? The tattle tale. I am thinking he is needing to see the doctor. He is in his bed at this time, if you are needing to find him.

I hope this is being the best thing to do,

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I know that normally I'm a cute lil'fuzzy bunny of fun.

However, this is the last time you pair me with Haller. Psychoboy went all nuts during the drop, and decided that the already agreed on shielding didn't matter since I had a healing factor. Despite the fact that unlike Logan, I can't heal a bullet in the eye.

Look, it's not my place to tell you ops assignments, or to second guess Xavier, but seriously? If Haller goes in, I'm not dropping with him. End of story. You can take me off active rotation if you'd like, but he should not be on active duty. In any sense.



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