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(OOC note: I'm not entirely sure who this includes, but if your student is taking one of these classes and is not Callie, Catseye, Klara, or Nick, he/she received this e-mail.)

To: [Students]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]

Dear students,

Please enjoy your free periods tomorrow while I am out of the school with the students who are taking Biology. I recommend using the time to study, perhaps utilizing the library, and I will trust that each of you will use your time wisely.

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Big Apple Blossoms Brand New Species
by Micah Leibowitz
Nov 6, 2009

Botanists at the New York Botanical Garden announced Thursday evening that they have discovered of a new species of plant growing in the center’s Native Plants exhibit. The plant, a spokesperson for the gardens said, is like nothing that the scientists have ever seen before.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said Margaret Lewis, a researcher at the International Plant Science Center. “Usually one only finds new species like this growing in unexplored parts of the Amazon or South Asia, not in New York City.”

Little is known about the plant, and researchers are eager to begin work to decipher its mysterious appearance and nature. “We know only one thing for certain,” said Lewis. “We have seen it attract and consume small insects, so we know it’s carnivorous.”

To celebrate the discovery, the New York Botanical Gardens will be allowing visitors to see the new plant before most of the research begins. The plant will be available for viewing this weekend through the end of next week.

The New York Botanical Garden is located at Bronx River Parkway and Fordham Road. Opening hours are Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 6pm, with a special opening on Monday November 9 for all those wishing to see the plant.


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