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(1/2) the fuck are you doing in the infirmary?
(2/2) want company?

Group Text

May. 7th, 2018 10:39 am
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Text to: Steve, Rahne, Maya, Nica, Miles, and Xavin

1/2 Nica's birthay is this week. We should all do something together!
2/2 Nica what do you want to do?
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[1/3] I know we're kinda stuck till the weekend.
[2/3] But, let's do something far away from electronics?
[3/3] Doesn't have to be far away. Just. No computers?
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can you take care of fuckwad for a couple weeks for me? it's easy. i left written instructions.
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From [Xavin]
To [Clea]
Subject [all ok?]


I had to run because I've got that stupid 8am lab class and then work and stuff every day so I like, haven't seen you.


Everything okay? It sounds like you're waking up screaming the last few nights or you're sleeping on the couch and it's kind of worrying me. And I thought I had a red bull problem but yours is worse.

So. Everything okay? Can I do anything to help?

PS, bringing the leftover cake home tonight.

- X
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Reed, leave Illyana alone.

I don't think she lived in a house or went to school or anything before she came here Reed. I think she was like, feral or something. Like, you know those stories about kids raised by wolves?

We used to be roommates and she'd sleep on the floor in the corner and store food under her bed and she's terrifyingly literal and doesn't know all kinds of basic things you assume people are supposed to know.

She's really smart. Just not academic.
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To: Xavin, Rahne
From: Kyle Gibney
Subject: Spring break

So while you guys are on Spring "Break" I'm going to head up to Alaska to help some folks with a thing.

It's kinda an X-thing but not really an X-thing. Anyway, you guys should be okay, cause I should be back before break's over but if I'm not, I left you guys some video lessons and assignments, and I trust you guys to handle some self-directed stuff, you're both pretty responsible. None of the videos involve Hamilton, I promise.

Also there's 20 bucks for pizza hidden in the SAT and PSAT prepbooks.

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To Xavin:
[1/2] Did anyone aside from the surly one say they wished to come to Whitewater tomorrow?
[2/2] Midmorning is a good time to leave for you, oui?

To Maya:
[1/3] Tomorrow midmorning, be ready to leave.
[2/3] I have arranged lessons for you with a friend.
[3/3] Please do not be awful to her. Merci.

To Gabriel:
[1/1] Would midmorning be a good time for you to leave for the resort tomorrow?
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[1/2] Can you be somewhere else tonight?
[2/2] I'm not locking the door, but would appreciate it.
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[1/3] So - You alright?
[2/3] I didn't try to knife Jean-Paul when he was being all clean freak in our room.
[3/3] I figured you'd get upset or something.
[4/4] I changed your ringtone to the Kermit song.
[5/5] You're welcome.
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Hey, thanks for bringing down my ipad and some clothes.
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[1/2] You okay?
[2/2] Nobody will tell me anything (again!) Hope you have your phone.
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To: [Clea], [Xavin]

From [Maya]

Subject: Practice

It's meant to be nice out tomorrow afternoon. You guys want to do some cheerleading practice on the back lawn?
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[1/2] Don't tell him I said this, but god Wade is such a buzzkill.
[2/2] I'm not a child! There's no reason we shouldn't be able to help.
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[1/2] I was a shit.
[2/2] I'm sorry about what happened.


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