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To: [xavier, charles], [summers, scott], [dayspring, nathan], [lebeau, remy]
From: [ramsey, doug]
Subject: Trip to New Orleans

So, Marie-Ange came up to my room and informed me that we needed to fly to New Orleans. Tomorrow. I don't know much more than that, because she wasn't entirely forthcoming. I get the feeling that it's a precognitive thing, though.

With that being said, she's obviously upset and worked up about something, so I put her to sleep, and am taking care of the details. Professor, Mr. Summers, I hope it's okay if it's just Marie-Ange and myself on this trip. Mr. Summers, I should also probably take a communicator with me, because according to Marie-Ange, the place where we're going is out in the middle of nowhere. I don't think we're going to run into any trouble, but better safe than sorry.

Remy, I'll need directions to Tante Mattie's place, preferably coherent.

Again, apologies that there aren't more specifics than that, but I don't have very many myself. Marie-Ange said that we'd be back on Tuesday.

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To: [She who has some explaining to do]
From: [Baffled as all hell]

Subject: What the hell were you doing? )
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Spending the night out of doors before I give the psis a headache. Took some of the stuff Moira left for me, so should be able to manage it. If I don't show up once you're done with your run, I'll be in one of the parlours in the old wing. Just follow the footprints in the dust.

Sorry to be a bother, roomie.

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To: [de Guzeman, Manuel]
From: [Sefton, Amanda]

Subject: So that's it, then?

I won't let you help me with your powers, so I don't get any help? Knew I was right about you wanting to control me.

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From: Kobaro
To: Sorgin
Subject: It's getting bad, isn't it?

I can feel it. I want to help you, in any way that I can. Let me lessen your cravings, or take them completely. There's no need for you to suffer like this - let me suffer for you, or banish it completely.

Let me do this for you. You know I can, you know it works.



PS - And yes, I know that you feel you have to do it alone. Let me be your strength when yours is gone. I've done it before, I can do it again.
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To: Xavier, C; Wagner, K; MacTaggart, M; Dayspring, N.
From: Strange, S.

Subject: Amanda’s lessons.

Dear all,

I am writing to inform you, as Amanda’s caretakers, that Amanda’s lessons in magic with me have been curtailed. I regret this is the case, however she is at a stage in her development where it is better that she focus on the magic she knows now, and works on her mutant power development and control, a task for which I have the utmost confidence in Doctor MacTagggart and the rest of the faculty at the school and no talent in myself.

I have already contacted Ms Wisdom and informed her of the situation, and she has agreed that perhaps it is for the best, at least temporarily.

Unfortunately, I will be unavailble for further consultation - I will be taking a leave of absence from the university in order to pursue some personal projects, and will as a necessity be travelling a great deal and frequently beyond the reach of most technology. Should there be an emergency, Ms Wisdom will know the best way to reach me, however, I doubt there will be a need.

I thank you for your hospitality, for your assistance, and for your friendship, and wish you all well.


Stephen Strange.


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