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The city fire department says it was lightning that sparked a fire at the Brooklyn offices of the Greater New York chapter of the Friends of Humanity early Thursday morning.

The offices were unoccupied at the time, but according to department officials, nearby residents say they heard a crack of thunder right before the fire started a little after 1 a.m.

The FDNY says 40 firefighters reported to the scene. It was under control about two hours later.

Two firefighters were brought to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.
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The Mayor’s office has issued an optional advisory, recommending that New Yorkers stay indoors this evening and travel only if absolutely necessary. Severe weather is expected, with heavy winds in excess of 60 m.p.h, along with torrential rain and possible flash flooding. A tornado watch will be in effect throughout the evening.

Talk radio

Aug. 23rd, 2012 11:32 am
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Heard on local afternoon talk radio

Street vendors and local shop owners seem to be the real winners this week, as unpredicted thunderstorms continue to wash through the city for the third consecutive day. Most have taken to leaving umbrella displays in plain sight at the front of stores and on prominent street corners even when the sun is shining, and locals are often seen buying two or three to get them through the day. If this keeps up, the City may have to increase waste pickup, as the streets and trashcans are starting to overflow with broken and discarded umbrellas.

Local meteorologists are keeping a low profile, many only venturing out into public in disguise, with scenes from The Weatherman being re enacted all over the city, as New Yorkers are finding that throwing fast food is a great expression of their frustration at the recent lack of accurate reporting.
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Seen Tuesday evening on the local evening news and weather.

New Yorkers raced indoors this afternoon an unexpected flash storm caught many off guard.

[Cut to rain pouring down and people ducking inside stores for cover, then cut back to studio.]

Tonight calls for partly cloudy, with a low of 63 and winds out of the southeast at eight miles per hour. Tomorrow will be bright and warm, with a high of 83 and light winds coming from the west at about twelve miles per hour.

And now for your extended outlook. The rest of the week will be warm and mostly sunny with highs in the 83-86 range. The dry conditions will continue into Saturday.

This is Your Weather, at NY1. Tune in every 10 minutes for your weather on the ones.
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Published on www.nytimes.com

Corrections: August 19, 2012
Published: August 19, 2012

Because of a typographical error, the headline title of this newspaper appeared erroneously in the August 19, 2012 Sunday edition. The correct title is “The New York Times.”
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Delivered to households and newsstands all around the world Sunday morning.

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Seen on the NY1 local evening news.

I’m here tonight at the Trump Place condominium buildings here on Riverside Boulevard, where today residents became the butt of many jokes after falling victim to a large practical joke, when the marquee’s “T” mysteriously vanished. Neighbors across the River in Cliffside, New Jersey are wondering whether this “mooning” might be classified as public indecency. Back to you, Jack.
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Announcement appearing on mta.info and posted signs in subway stations around the city.

The technical difficulties experienced this afternoon have now been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience.

- Metropolitan Transportation Authority


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