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To: [Sefton, Kurt]
From: [Guthrie, Sam]
Subject: An Update

Heya Kurt,

I figured I'd shoot you an update from back home. Things are pretty hectic and I likely won't be coming back until this weekend. There's all the mess to clean up with the house, lots of smoke damage but most of it's fixable, we can get new furniture, etc., and going to help repairs on the burned portions, not to mention the police incident, heh. They've let me out on bail for now, and it turns out the arresting officer was connected to Reed and those jokers so that might influence the outcome. I'll keep you posted, of course.

Thanks again for helping out, and give my best to everyone back there and tell 'em I'll be back as soon as I can.

- Sam
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Text to Sam

Remember that offer of help? We need it. Underground complex thing. Found kids. Need back up to get them out. Forwarding location GPS coordinates

Text to Amara

Lucas says you're good to have underground. We've got a situation with some kidnapped kids we need help extracting. Called in X-Men back up but could use you too. Up for it?
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Left outside Jean's door, wrapped in the default gift paper Amazon always uses because he has no wrap-fu:

A copy of the Deluxe Edition of Exile On Main Street by the Rolling Stones, with a note which reads:

"Happy birthday Jean, you probably have this album already but hopefully not this version. - Sam"
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To: [Frost, Adrienne]
From: [Guthrie, Sam]
Subject: Hey there

Hey Adri,

Just thought I'd drop you a line, see how you're making out. I know with everything that's been going on with Vanessa it's been a rough haul for awhile, it's been hard on everyone, yourself included. I should probably just stop by and visit you but I only think to is in the morning when I'm up too damn early to jog or too late at night when I'm about to sleep, and I don't want to bug you, so I end up putting it off and forgetting all over again.

Anyway, if you'd like to just hang out some time, or if you need more groceries or the like, just let me know. Hope all's well and take care.

- Sam
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To: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
From: [Guthrie, Samuel]
Subject: Question re: Vanessa

Hey Jean,

Thanks for the update on Vanessa, it's greatly appreciated, as is everything you and and everyone else is doing for her, it means a lot.

I'm just wondering if... well, I'll be honest, I'd love to visit her but I don't want to cause any trouble. Lord knows we didn't have the best break up ever, and the last thing I want to do is make things worse right now. So I figured the best thing to do would be to check with you, since you're the doctor and all, heh. What do you think?

- Sam
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To: [Lennox, Morgan]
From: [Guthrie, Sam]
Subject: Sorry

I'd like it if you'd tell your coworkers that I handled my feelings about things wrong and that I'm sorry I imposed on them. You're probably still dealing with the whole thing and I didn't mean to force that on you as well. I can't explain myself well about this and even less so when I'm upset. It won't happen again.
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To: [Guthrie, Sam]
From: [Xavier, Charles]

Subject: Meeting

Mr. Guthrie,

I would like to see you in my office as soon as is convenient for you. We need to discuss recent events.

Professor Xavier.
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Guthrie, Sam]
Subject: Kyle's in the medlab

I put him there and I couldn't be more sorry. I'm with him now. I reckon you'll want to come down here and do something to me. I was so mad but that's no excuse and I'd deserve it.
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To: [Guthrie, Sam
From: [Carlylse, Vanessa]
Subject: What the fuck?!

You woke up my entire building by yelling at it and accusing them of sabotaging our relationship by challenging your manhood because they are tough and scary? Oh and it's the fault of the organization. All of them. Really? I mean, fucking hell, REALLY? I'd have expected more maturity from you Guthrie.

Oh and that wanting to be your friend eventually thing? Rescinded. Jesus Christ. Do not show up screaming in front of my building ever again or I will prove to you just how tough and scary I am.

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To: [Guthrie, Sam]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: Brownstone

Okay, I saw you speed off from the mansion and I wake up this morn and there's posts about some southern shouting at the building. Please tell me that wasn't you. Shouting at a building and waking everyone up.

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To: [Guthrie, Sam]
From: [Moonstar, Danielle]
Subj: Cowboys & Indians

I vaguely recall plans to go shooting late last year. Want to this weekend?

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To: [Sam]
From: [Morgan]
Subject: Just checking up

I figured someone other than family should see how you're doing. Everyone's back but Jay's looking more like me than himself and I figure that's likely not easy and not just for him. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and to let you know if you need anything, well, I'm around.



Dec. 17th, 2008 05:30 am
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Found on coffee tables, in the dining room, in public spaces after five am are dark blue, hard cover, professionally bound photo albums. Inside are a ton of various glossy pictures of Dani, Garrison and Jay - the only thing on the outside: Xavier's school logo in gold and the words "Our Friends".

Individual books have been left at: two at Forge and Paige's lab, outside of the doors for Marie, Scott, Sam, the Professor, and a few others.
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To: [Forge]; Guthrie, Sam; Guthrie, Paige
From: Sheppard, Mark
Subject: A morbid birthday present
Attachment: JayGuthrie121308.zip


Paige and Sam, you don't know me beyond Xavier's blog system, but I'm a friend of Jay's and we've been collaborating on his music, trying to make it more accessible to the market that New York provides. I thought that since his birthday was this weekend, it would be a good time to release some of it, and as you three are his closest whom I know, I'm sending it to you. It's mostly just electronically-augmented remixes, providing some background to enhance his guitar and his voice(s). We'd planned on unveiling a couple songs at a time at my nightclub Silver, but . . . well, maybe some other time. Feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might like it.

FWIW I don't believe in death until I actually see evidence. If Dr. Grey-Summers could survive a crushing tidal wave and Jennie could survive falling off a destroyed George Washington Bridge, then I still have a lot of hope.

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To: [Farouk, A.]
From: [Guthrie, S.]
Subject: History class

Professor Farouk-

I was wondering if you might do me the favor of taking over my history class. As you may see from my journal post, my momma took a bit of a fall down the stairs, and I'm going to be heading home to help take care of her.

If you're agreeable to the idea, I'll get you all of my lesson plans and notes. The kids are all pretty good, there's just a few you have to watch out for, like Kyle. History's actually a strong suit of his, but you wouldn't know it by reading the titles of the papers he turns in. Boy thinks he's funny. "Hitler vs. Stalin - Genocidal Crazy Guy against Commie Scum. Fight!"


To: [Summers, S.]
From: [Guthrie, S.]
Subject: Classes


You probably have already read my post about going home to help take care of my momma. In terms of taking over my classes, I've asked Professor Farouk if he'd mind taking over my history classes. As for flight class, I'm not entirely sure who you might ask to do that. If Warren weren't in California, I'd say he'd be a good choice. Maybe Shiro's up to the task? If you've got any ideas, let me know. I'll be around for at least a couple more days getting everything taken care of before I head home.

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To: [garrison], [kurt], [cain], [nathan], [scott]
From: [sam]
Subject: Down time

Like I said in the team post, everyone did fantastic. I enjoy it when my worrywarting is for nothing.

Drinks are on me at Harry's tonight. Gar, if any of the FBI agents feel like hoisting one on me as well, let Fred Duncan know. They did good too.

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To: [dominion], [nightcrawler], [juggernaut], [cable]
CC: [cyclops]
From: [cannonball]
Subject: Sabretooth takedown

So, I assume you all have had a chance to go over the op plan Scott came up with in excrutiating detail. Just a last minute check that everyone understands what's going on, and their part in it. Gar, is the FBI ready to take Creed into custody? Nate, you sure you're up for this? Scott, the rest of the team is on call to evacuate civilians in case he breaks containment, right?

Yes, this is me being a worrywart since I'm the guy on the ground, even though Scott will be on the comms. I don't want to have a body count on my conscience.

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To: [storm], [cyclops], [dominion]
From: [cannonball]
Subject: Sabretooth

Scott, I am all for taking that psychotic so-and-so (insert ungentlemanly language here) down like the rabid dog that he is. I'm thinking we need something like a plan, though. He may be an animal, but he's also cunning. I ain't half the tactician you are, Scott. Got any ideas?

And, even with my slightly biased view, given that two of his victims were people that I and my brother care very deeply about, we should probably involve the authorities and do this aboveboard. Gar, any thoughts here?



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