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So...the really short version of what's a very confusing story is I have a cat. His name is Doughnut. Can I keep him?

Also can you make coffee? So much coffee?
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Left for Jean in her Suite is a large stack of trashy romance novels (20) with a bow and note on top.

Happy Birthday Jean! You should had seen the look on the clerks face when I purchases these books. Enjoy. Oh also, you have a birthday cake in the Kitchen. It is all yours. No sharing required.

Love, Lorna
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1/2 I got tickets to go see Aladdin on Broadway in July. You two down?

2/2 Don't say no. I know where you two sleep.
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A nice large bottle of Chardonnay with a red bow left on Cecilia's desk with a note that read:


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To: [Lorna]
From: [Jim]

Molly's on restricted privileges, Namor's slated for sessions on self-control, and I have mandatory counseling with the professor. I'd rather be grounded.
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1/2. How did I get home?

2/2. What happened? I have a putter with me.
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Dane, Lorna
Subject: Tomorrow

Hey Ms. Dane,

I was wondering if everything was going well for tomorrow for kitchen? Decorating is nearly done and I am currently working on the egg hunt.

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To: Dane, Lorna,
From: Abbott, Hope
About: Assistance

Dear Ms. Dane,

I hope you are recovering well. Angel did mention you were feeling a little better though.

You mentioned on my journal I might be able help you out with something? I would be happy to be of assistance if possible.

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This, wrapped in wrapping paper decorated in dancing turkeys, and this, along with a card that says:

I thought it was appropriate given the biggest cooking day of the year is coming up. Happy birthday!

Love Angel
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To: [Maximoff, Wanda]
From: [Dane, Lorna]

Hey Wanda,

First of all. I hope you are doing okay. I heard about the latest happenings through the grapevine. Second, still down for Muir Island in the coming week or weeks?

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When you get a chance, I need to talk to you asap.
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Dane, L.
Subject: Request

Dear Ms. Dane,

I hope you are well.

I have a somewhat awkward request I'd like to make. I was wondering if you would be able to recommend a suitable cooking school in Salem or New York where I would be able to take lessons this summer in order to increase my skills in the area of entertaining. My mother has suggested a suitable school in my hometown, but I would prefer to attend a school in this area.

Thanking you in advance,
Hope Abbott
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Happy Birthday. I am sorry I am a day late. But I do have a card and a cake for you.


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