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[1/5] Bonjour. I saw that you had posted to the journals.
[2/5] Do not burn everything down, merci.
[3/5] Also, I am living on Topaz's couch.
[4/5] Mostly, it is to make sure she eats things that are good for her.
[5/5] And I am glad you have returned.

TXT to Sue

Oct. 3rd, 2018 07:23 pm
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[1/4] The spies told me to check with you.
[2/4] Which I would have done anyway, oui?
[3/4] The model from my life drawing class. She has not been to the class in many days.
[4/4] You will help me find her, no?
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[1/4] Once, you told me where to find sheets.
[2/4] Also, you are one of the spies, oui?
[3/4] I need help finding someone.
[4/4] Is this something you can do?
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I am taking a flight from Paris to New York tonight. You can pick me up from the airport tomorrow morning, oui?
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I am still alive, but I have lost my other phone. It fell from a great height. Very inconvenient, oui?
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[1/7] The window is boarded over.
[2/7] The undamaged books have been put back in their proper places.
[3/7] I ordered new shelves. The old ones were mangled.
[4/7] Stephen, Darcy, Tabitha, & Molly helped clean. Tandy brought tea.
[5/7] Tabitha endangered the integrity of the lock before I opened the door.
[6/7] I relocked the door before leaving.
[7/7] Also, there is chocolate and a bottle of wine on your kitchen counter.
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I would like to sleep with an Olympic gymnast. Surely you have a way of enabling this.
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[1/4] I am very bored.
[2/4] How do you feel about Miami?
[3/4] It is still too cold for beaches here.
[4/4] Or Jamaica. Somewhere warm.
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I demand to know why you have not been harassing me.
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[1/2] Happy Easter. Do you want to go into the city to get drunk with Gabriel and me?
[2/2] You can invite whomever you like. It is a bar hop. Because it is Easter, oui?
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(1/5) Where are you?
(2/5) I had a great idea
(3/5) This holiday is bullshit but let's go on a ester bar hop
(4/5) Eater
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(1/2) Still on for lunch?
(2/2) Because IDK if you realized this when we made these plans but Valentine's Day


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