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 To: Grey, Jean; Colbert, Jean-Phillipe; Allerdyce, John
CC: Espinosa, Angelo 
From: Qadir, Sooraya
Subject: A proposal 

Hi everyone, 

I've something I'd like discuss with you. 

I know we folded X-Corps after M-Day and though some of us have kept up an informal network, we haven't been able to do much. I was on Muir for a few weeks where Professor Xavier made me a request. With him moving away, he asked me to take over his own network that he has built among NGO's and other institutions. 

I am thinking it makes sense to combine this network with our own and try at least to get some comprehensive monitoring of the situation of mutants around going again. We might not be able to offer direct help, but we can at least keep an eye out. 

I know some of us have moved on to other things, but would any of you be interested in at least seeing what we can get going again? 

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I know it's late. But I was reading a comic book and there's this character called Obelix who doesn't see himself as fat, just "well covered", and SOMEHOW that reminded me of you.

So. How're you doing?


John (in case you deleted my number)
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Haven't seen much of you lately. You still in the country?
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To: [stretch], [john-boy]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Free Food!

Since you two tend to go all ostrich and ignore the journals, I'm giving you a personal invite/poke. Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey and all that good stuff. Being social and all that good stuff.

Don't make me use the puppy eyes.


To: [cousin of frenchie]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Your boyfriend

I know it's not your thing, but I also know Ange is going to want to hibernate, and he's done that plenty already this year. Think you can drag him to this Thanksgiving thing? I'll owe you one.

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To: [Allerdyce, John], [Colbert Jean-Phillipe]
From: [Jones, Angelica]
Subject: Project

Hey guys-

So I've been working on this thing. I've been watching a lot of news since M-Day, and I can't help but notice that the media...kind of sucks at reporting anything mutant-related that isn't totally fear-mongering or, you know, wrong.

So I'm starting a pro-mutant newspaper. Basically reporting the things the news won't - like mutant hate crimes - and maybe try to put a few mutant positive things out in the world. And I was wondering if you two would be interested in helping me. Mostly I need writers because I can take photos but I can't write worth a damn. Which is kind of an issue since it's a newspaper.

Anyways let me know if you're interested?

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From: Qadir, Sooraya 
To: Espinosa, Angelo; Allerdyce, John; Colbert, JP; Reyes, Cecilia; Grey, Jean
Subject: Anyone I need to keep an eye out for?

Hey everyone,

Had my first day here at Amnesty in Washington. Mostly getting familiar with lots of reports. Do any of you have any names of folks it would be good to see if they are stil sympathetic to the plight of mutants?

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To: [John-Boy]
From: [Trouble]

Subject: Where are you?

Oi, John, you in the States at all? Ange reminded me it's your birthday on Sunday and I figured we could go out for drinks and food, the four of us. Yep, that's right, you, me, Ange and Rogue. Since she's back and all.

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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo and Allerdyce, John
Subject: Location of Malala's Rose

Hey Angelo and John,

After yet another meeting, the location near Herat seems to be working the best for Malala's Rose. The area has been in the hands of the Northern Alliance for a while and thus fairly stable, it's near a larger city with access to an airstrip and is fairly far away from major Taliban skirmishes. All the paperwork will be in your inboxes tomorrow morning for you to look over and final approval.

I will be turning my attention now to finding a director for on the ground in Afghanistan, so we can start putting the framework into place. An update will follow as soon as possible.

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How's New York? What have I missed? How's my girlfriend? Or should I be asking if I still have a girlfriend?
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Apartment full of fashion talk. Not enough booze in the world. Sanctuary?


May. 12th, 2011 09:25 am
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TO: Angelo, Kevin, John
FROM: Amara
CC: Callie

Hi! So, Callie and I have found a place to move into and it's available from this Saturday, and so we're moving this weekend!

Which is where you guys come in! Or at least your help. We're in need of some strong arms to help us move furniture and boxes and the like. We can promise beer and cupcakes and pizza to those who are available. So if you could help us out, that would be seriously amazing.




Apr. 19th, 2011 09:34 am
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TO: John
FROM: Amara

I think if I spend any more time studying I'm going to light all my books on fire. Can I entice you into taking a break with me?

[After this]

TO: Angelo
FROM: Amara

Hey, I know you're probably just as busy as I am at the moment, but at some point before my Spanish final could I babble at you a bit and make sure my pronunciation is okay and not, say, sounding suspiciously like Portuguese?


Feb. 16th, 2011 07:48 pm
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TO: John
FROM: Amara
SUBJECT: Question

Do you know anything about the rose that was left on my desk Monday?

- Amara
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[[ANGELO. 12:40AM]]

Still stuck at the office. Printer won't work.

[[ANGELO. 12:42AM]]

Threw it out the window.


How's Stinky doing?
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Do you think the fact that Amara wants my rat means she's into me?


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