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Dig up anything you can find for me on a group called the Exemplars. ASAP.


I need you to phone Professor Harkness, see if she's all right. If she is, tell her to call me back when I get in. If not, call me as soon as you can.

[Remy] and [Pete]

Dom, Jennie and I were kidnapped last night. We're all fine, I'm coming back now. Apparently we broke reality but it's fixed. So very irritated.
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Was kidnapped yesterday. Me Wanda and Domino. Broke probablilty. Better now. V unamused. Will say more when get home.
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To: [fiddlers three]
From: [grumpy and unloved]
Subject: Dom

None of you noticed her bouncing in and tackling Pete into the nearest closet at some point tonight, did you? I like to think that getting occupied with her favorite Brit is the only reason she wouldn't call and tell me she'd landed safely.

And no, I am not calling Pete's number. I have interrupted them before, and her wrath is not a pretty thing.

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To: [Marius]
From: [Forge]
Subject: Your darling spouse

Hey, any idea when Jennie was supposed to be back tonight? She asked me to fix her graphing calculator for her AP Calc class, and I don't want to try and play Charades with her roommate to find it or worse, go moving her stuff around.

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To: [Nate]
From: [Dom]
Subject: plane ticket procured

Expect me on the 15th - I thought we needed some time to go over the background files before the meeting. Plus I want some quality time to bother Angelo.



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