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(1/3) Oh I forgot to mention
(2/3) I took some of your booze while you were gone
(3/3) Not paying you back.
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Yo, Gabe, my dude. How do you feel about cocktail parties?
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(1/3) Are you drinking somewhere
(2/3) Because I'm drinking somewhere
(3/3) We can drink somewhere together and ogle boys
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(1/2) Don’t have a ton of time to talk but
(2/2) Guess who just decided to resurface
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[KS] - Gabe. I need help. ASAP! *tracker enabled*
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To: [jubilee], [marie-ange], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [north], [artie]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Incoming.


Just got word from Topaz that there's a new resident - Betsy Braddock. Topaz picked up something from her that may or may not be Kwannon-ish. It's something to keep in mind, any way. She's come with the Professor's blessing, so I may be jumping the gun. Still, be prepared and all that bollocks.


P.S.: Dibs on not being the one to tell Haller. That's just way too much drama for me.
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To: [Sooraya, Kyle, Julian, Clint, Gabriel]
From: [Angel]
Subject: [Today In People Are Testing My Faith In Humanity]

I just got off the phone with my mom. My awesome, cool, sweet, mutant rights activist lawyer mother. Apparently she's been getting death threats at her office from Friends of Humanity types for several MONTHS but didn't want to tell me, and now they're starting to come to her HOUSE. The place where she lives. And sleeps. Mostly. I think she sleeps at the office a lot. Workaholic.


I'm going back to Seattle ASAP - basically as soon as I can figure out logistics and how much stuff I can fit in my car. If anyone wants to hurt her, they're going through me first. Once I'm done arguing with her about YES, she DOES need a bodyguard actually, because these people are DANGEROUS, and if anyone is setting anyone on fire, it's ME.

I might not tell her that last part.

So, time to do some logistics and speed packing and figure out if the cat can handle that long of a road trip. Not going to run out before I get a hug from all of you, don't worry, but I thought letting you know it was coming was better than ambushing you -Angel


To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Jones, Angelica]
Subject: [Team Resignation]

Hey Scott-

Due to various personal issues - namely people being terrible and threatening my mother - I'm stepping down from the X-Men and going back to Seattle, effective as immediately as I can possibly make it. I hate to do the short notice thing, but things escalated kind of quickly.



To: [Xavier, Charles] - CC: [Gibney, Kyle; Keller, Julian]
From: [Jones, Angelica]
Subject: [Resignation]

Hi Professor-

I'm sorry to say this, but I have to resign from my position as a Gen X mentor. There are some problems back home I need to take care of, and I have no idea how long it's going to take. I'm happy to help Kyle and Julian with finding my replacement, if not before I leave, then long-distance advising once I'm settled.

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(1/5) What. The. Actual Fuck.
(2/5) Did you know Wilson left me fucking money?
(3/5) Which he told me in a fucking note by the way
(4/5) Probably because he knew how'd pissed I'd be
(5/5) That fucking idiot
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(1/2) hey gabo thx for taking me and bobby to pride today. it was kind of awesome to be in public together liek that
(2/2) i still dont get what the deal is with intactivists or why they march at the end of the parade
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So there's stuff we need to figure out about what's going on now to tie into whatever they're sifting through his head to find. I don't even know what that's going to be but the more we can gather on our end, the better. I've had a basic skim of stuff and there's not a lot to work with, but obviously there's something there. We just need to figure out what it is.

Attachment: SapLeagLeads.xcl
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(1/4) This might just be denial
(2/4) But I'm not buying it
(3/4) Look at my track record
(4/4) Nobody in my life stays dead for long
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(1/3) Hey
(2/3) You doing ok? Haven't seen you and meant to make sure you'd recovered from everything but things here got crazy
(3/3) Like a bunch of batshit nonsense in a row
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(1/4) Well
(2/4) It's unofficial
(3/4) But
(4/4) I passed
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(1/3) another fckin magic demon world tonite. it's fine we're all ok but gdi
(2/3) ive decided. im talking to Bobby tomorrow before i get kidnapped again.
(3/3) if i dont tell him how i feel now then ill never get the chance
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To: [Cohuelo, Gabriel]
From: [Topaz]
Subject: [Yesterday]

Hey - So there isn't a Hallmark card for "I'm sorry I drained your emotions while we were fighting a demon", but I am. It was a bad move and a violation of a lot of things. And if you promise you won't punch me, I'll apologize in person. I don't blame you for wanting to punch me, but I try to avoid that.

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To: [Snow Valley]
From:: [Gabriel]
Subj: Sick day or whatever

I’m back from my trip to a demon dimension or wherever the fuck, but not gonna be in today. Am both feeling entirely too much like myself on one level and not at all like myself on another.
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(1/2) I'm doing it.
(2/2) April 25/26. So.
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I am very drunk, and all my drinking buddies have real jobs (or worse, actual date plans) and are begging out. Where can I meet you?


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