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To: [Xavier, Charles], [Marko, Cain]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: [Forge's recovery]

Forge has been released from the medlab, but he still has many weeks of recovery in front of him. As I know that staying in his own suite will not be very conducive for this, and I did not yet remove most of my belongings from the mansion, he will be staying in the suite I occupied during the past school year and I wish to stay here with him while he recovers.

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To: [NearlyAvatar]
From: [Anothernearlyavatar]
Subject: You, me...

Some smacking down of cultists, what do you say? They have ties to Asgard and they've been focusing on the people that went there several years ago. They've killed a number of innocent people, tried to attack Shiro and managed to get their filthy cultists hands on Marie-Ange, Amanda and Doug.

I have this sinking feeling we're going to need some bigger backup.

I'll bring the wine if you bring the hitting, how does that sound?

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To: [Surprisingly Lightfooted]
From: [ The Patient One ]
Subject: [ Last Night ]

You move incredibly fast for a man of your girth. I wanted to send a personal thank you for last night. I don't think birthday boy would have recovered if he knew how things really played out.

What? You know, I can feel you smirking from over here. It was his birthday and it was suppose to be a fun surprise.

Well, I'd say let's get a pint tonight but it'll have to wait until I'm back in town. You can get all your laughing out then, hmm?

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To: [Dave]
From: [Cain]
Subject: Birthday

Hey, you're probably out partying, so I got some of the good beers from Harry's. I'll just leave them in your suite.

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Delivered to the mansion with the instructions to deliver one Cain Marko. A wicker basket filled with: several bottles of a German beer, some brand new tools and several envelopes containing restored pictures of the mansion from years past.

Note: Happy birthday, Cain. A little something for you that I hope you will enjoy, though try to avoid using the tools and the beer at the same time. I hope you like the pictures -- if I'd been single, they certainly wouldn't have just been of the house.

Warm wishes,

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"Hey, Mr. Marko. Yeah, it's me, Amanda. Do I remember right that you wanted a word with Dr. Farouk? Oh, well hey... guess who I have in my apartment? It's not locked. Help yourself. Just watch the bloodstains, yeah?"
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To: [Cain]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: ?

Are you all right? You sound all right... I just thought I'd check.

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To: (Marko, Cain)
From: (Gibney, Kyle)
Subject: Kinda gotta question for you.

Totally tell me if I'm on crack or something, but... didn't you like, used to have an Assistant Handyguy ?
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To: [Cain]
From: [Jim]
Subject: Request

It looks like a tree fell over the north trail last night. Can you leave it there? I've been looking for an excuse to do something with Kevin, and I want to try something.
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To: [Collins, L.], [Gibney, K.], [Richter, J.]
From: [Marko, C.]
Subject: Broken vase

Consider this a pop quiz, and you only get one shot at the answer. It's okay, there's only one question, and this will cover 100% of your grade in Not Being Punted Into Orbit this semester:

1) The vase on the third floor landing was broken by:

a - an invisible student
b - Alex's dog
c - someone being an idiot and running around like a damn fool when they were specifically told not to be an idiot and run around like a damn fool.

Support your answer with a descriptive paragraph.

Papers are due by this afternoon.

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To: [Jackpot]
From: [Juggernaut]
Subject: Property damage

What in the hell did you do to the Danger Room?
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To: [Mr. Marko]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Accident.

Dear Mr. Marko,

I am sorry for the work, but I made the holes on the bathroom floor and the shower again today. It is hard to be washing when you are worried. :(

I can help, to make the work go fast?

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To: [Stavros, J.]
From: [Marko, C.]
Subject: Window

I'm not going to get on your case about the lamp through the window. I'll be up to fix it in the morning.

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To: [Cyclops]
From: [Juggernaut]
Subject: What are you doing?

I thought we had an understanding that I don't do the field leader thing - I seem to remember it not going too well in Utah. I know why they need me there, and Shiro, and the pixie, but you really want me in charge out there? I ain't got the world's best track record.
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"Cain, good news - some of the kids got away, they called in from a farm not too far from your location. I'm uploading coordinates to your car's GPS... no, that's fine, we needed to hand the damned things over anyway, to be able to track them. How are Angelo and Amanda? ... they did. No, I'll call Snow Valley. You get the kids. I'll see you back here."
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To: [Juggernaut]
From: [Cyclops]
Subject: any objections...

... to being the bad guy? I'm writing up scenarios based on Veres as an opponent, and you're sort of our closest equivalent. I know you're tougher than him - he does get stopped, after all, it just takes a hell of a lot to do it. Marie's another option, but she flies and he doesn't (and I don't think I want to set her up to play that particular role just now).

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To: [Dayspring, N.]
From: [Marko, C.]
Subject: Today

Just for the record, I am going to be walking around the halls, looking into classrooms today. I'm also going to be checking the Danger Room, the Situation Room, the medlab, and the Elpis offices. If I find you any of those places and not with your wife on your anniversary, I'm going to beat you like a government mule. Put this Campbell crap out of your head and go unwind with your family. Ain't a more appropriate time for it, if you ask me.

We'll raise a beer down at Harry's for you and Moira.

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To: [Helmet Face]
From: [Allerdyce, John]
Subject: Maintenance Issues

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