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To: [espinosa, angelo]
From: [ramsey, doug]
Subject: Piling on

Taking this to email because I'm trying to do this privately like Remy said.

Look, I get that it's personal where Belladonna is concerned. Not trying to say you can't have anger where she's concerned.


You don't get to pass judgment on decisions I had to make, when you weren't there and aren't part of something where you're asked to find the best option of equally shitty situations every day as part of your job. And especially not just based on Amanda's side of the story. It was a shitty situation, I had to make a snap judgment call based on imperfect information, and I did the best I could. I made the decision that put Selene in the ground with no collateral casualties. And a previously at-large threat is where I know where she is now. If that seems like cold calculus to you, so be it. That's my job, and I do it the best I can.

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To: [sefton, amanda]
From: [ramsey, doug]
Subject: Piss off

When approximately the entire office minus Emma looks at you like something they want to scrape off their shoe on a daily basis, and your girlfriend gives you what is essentially the silent treatment on steroids to the point where she hasn't even slept in your shared apartment for over a month, THEN you can goddamn tell me how to react. Until then, or until Pete decides to question my judgment enough to fire me, I will keep doing my job, and that will have to be good enough for you.

In summation, fuck you, you don't get to tell me how I get to react to things.


PS - you're welcome for the card.
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What happened to, "I'll drop by for drinks on Tuesday night!!!"?
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From: Frost, Emma
To: Ramsey, Doug

My White Knight

You were extraordinary. Selene is dead. Even my White King didn't manage that. Remember that, when they turn on you. We pay a high price for our choices, but it is worth it.

I am required at Frost Enterprises today, but if you need me, you know every way there is to contact you. Your Queen is ready to stand at your side.

Selene is dead.

Hold tight to that.

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To: [Sassafrass]
From: [Un-spice-like]
Subject: Yesterday


Don't remember thanking you for yesterday. Don't remember much about yesterday still, but McCoy thinks that's temporary. Do remember throwing up on you however, and your declaration that I owe you beer. My lackeys should be delivering a case of Anchor Steam to the penthouse shortly, along with a bottle of scotch. Also, don't think I'll make it to the Sox home opener on sunday- thinking it would be better to avoid the travel and the excitement of the game so I can be sure I've recovered fully by monday- so Driver will drop off my box pass and if you can use it, please do. If not hopefully Drake can use it.

Lackeys mentioned you'd gone on a trip earlier in the week- did you bring me any souvenirs from exotic locales? Keychain? Tshirt? Duty-free Alcohol? (That was a joke in case the broken head made it appear different. What I really meant to say was I hope it was fun. Though knowing what you consider fun I'm inclined to ask if you killed anyone, ha.)

Again, thanks for letting me throw up on you yesterday. You're a pal.

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To: [Slick]
From: [Adrienne]
Subject: Merci!

Merci bien, Monsieur! It is always nice to receive the wisdom of the ancients. And the gifts are lovely. Apologies for not replying sooner, but Doctor McCoy kept me in bed in the medlab overnight, and not for a fun reason. I hope when schedules allow it we'll be able to watch the film together.

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Crisis situation. Need your help. Meet me at SV office? - A.


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