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to: Xavier, Charles
from: Braddock, Betsy
subject: Timing

I think it's time to reconsider my absence, Charles.

Actually, what I meant to say is that I think I've healed for long enough. And I would rather finish off the school year, imparting my knowledge to the students than go mad, walking around these halls. So, whatever test you need to take, or scans you'd like to run, I'm willing.

I promise you, I will not fail this time.

Betsy Braddock
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To: Betsy
From: Sarah
Subject: Because I have no idea what Scott will tell you...

I'm not avoiding you because I hate you. It's just too easy to blame you right now, and I don't trust myself to not make things worse.


(This is the world's lamest e-mail ever. Sorry.)

Forward to Shinobi: )
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To: Morlocke, Sarah
From: Summers, Scott
Subject: Betsy


When you've had time to recover from your trip overseas, can you find me?

I want to talk to you about Ms. Braddock.




Mar. 12th, 2004 05:05 pm
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To: { Mr. Summers }
From: { The Kitten }
Subject: Ms. Braddock
cc: { Prof. X }, { Dr. McCoy },

Mr. Summers,

you said in your announcement that you think what's happening to Ms. Braddock is because of the surgery Dr. Essex performed. I'm probably the only one here who knows very much about that surgery, and I very much want to help in any way that I can, including giving information.

I don't know what may or may not be useful, but there is something you should know. I didn't understand some of the medical reasoning behind it, but in order to correct the degeneration of Ms. Braddock's neural pathways cells from another telepath were surgically inserted in Ms. Braddock's brain. After this was successfully completed Ms. Braddock began to improve and eventually woke up - as you know - but I suspect that that procedure was the source of this Kawonnon person.

I don't know if this information will help, or if anything else I know would either, but I wanted you to know, and to know that if there's anything I can do to help I will. I'm so sorry to have had a part in any of this.

Kathrine Pryde
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To: Blaire, Alison
From: Marko, Cain
Subject: Day care

I take it from the post to the staff board that Betsy's been taken care of? The little guy slept like a baby last night after your little mind-talk-thing. He's bound and determined to take one of the boats out onto the lake, and keeps giving me the Look when I tell him it's too cold, and he needs his mom first.

Marie-Ange had one of her little creations bring over a change of clothes for Miles, and he's taken a shower this morning and even helped with breakfast. Although I have to tell you, seeing a bouncing letter 'u' on my doorstep with a bag of clothes sadly isn't the strangest part of living here.

Whenever you want to drop by and pick the little guy up, feel free. He and I are finishing a load of dishes in a few minutes, and he's helped clean up the place, too. If he didn't snore, I'd almost say he's the perfect roommate.

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Email sent right after this log...

To: Marko, Cain
From: Blaire, Alison
Subject: Thank you thank you thank you...

Thank you (again) for taking Miles down to the MedLab when I sent him to you. Hank just paged me, I'm letting Charles know what's up (in his office now and I didn't want to call in case Hank was busy with Miles) and I'm right down. I know he's safe with you and Hank both. Something wrong with Betsy, I'll be down and let you both know what I can as soon as I'm done talking to Charles.

Also - would you mind keeping him over with you at the boathouse for the night? I'll explain to Artie I'm keeping Miles over for the night because he had a nightmare or something, but... I don't want her to be able to go near him. I don't know if I could stop her. And... yeah, all that.

Right. Be down soon.

Thank you.


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