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To: [manuel]
From: [amanda]

Subject: That explanation.

If you still want to know what happened in London, I can talk about it now. Is it okay for me to come by tomorrow after work?

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To: Frost, Adrienne
From: Frost, Emma
Subject: Commercial-in-confidence


While your assistance in London was appreciated, it appears that you did not take my request for discretion seriously.

Amanda's disappearance was not being discussed outside Snow Valley, for a number of reasons. For one, I do not think it is necessary to worry some of the younger children.

Please consider any further dealings with Snow Valley to be commercial-in-confidence.

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[To]The Returned
[From]The departed & ressurected
Subject: preferrably something of interest.

"Since Amanda's been found I'm headed back to New York."

Care to explain?

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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Morlocke, Sarah]
Subject: You're back!

When you get back, come see me. I'd come to you, but I'm already having an epic failure to cope without putting my ass back on a plane. Can't just be happy they've found more Morlocks, you know.

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I found something. You know that wheel pendant Kurt gave Amanda for her birthday? It showed up in a pawnshop behind King's Cross station. Don't figure there's two like it in London, so I bought it back.

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To: [Emma], [Pete], [Remy]
From: [Wanda]
Subject: Cambridge

Being in London is screwing with me - I've never tried to study the lines this intensely or for this long (while concussed to boot) but I have an idea. I'm going to go up to Cambridge and enlist Agatha's help to see what we can do reading the lines of chaos, trying to see if I can make sense of things. Maybe removing me from the epicenter will help. I won't be able to see anything with my powers but I'll be checking other ways.

Also, Angelo is on his way to London - he will be more useful over here than worrying himself to death back home.

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Remy told me to talk to you. I need something to do to help find Amanda.

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to: [Espinosa, Angelo], [Sefton, Kurt], [Munroe, Ororo]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Amanda

In a few hours, the general journals are going to get a notice from Wanda that we're going to be working back and forth in London for the next little while on a situation, and Amanda is involved in a research trip that is going to have her out of touch for the next little while.

The reality is nothing of the sort. Something happened to the city of London yesterday. Without going into details, according to our sources the city was somehow forced to avaterize elements of the mythos of the city. Imagine if you were walking down the street in New York and Babe Ruth, the Spirit of '76 and Boss Tweed walked past. It's hard to explain. In any case, we managed to break the spell or source of the projections, and London is back to normal.

Except in the process of doing this, Amanda was sucked into the city. Her powers make her a conduit, and when power travels one way, it can also travel the other. Her 'feelings' about something wrong in London were a sort of collective unconscious cry for help, and according to Romany Wisdom's coven, with the energy being expended to keep those 'things' out and fighting us, it created a vacuum that pulled her inside.

She's still alive, but somehow, she's been trapped inside the essence of the city. It doesn't sound any more plausible to me than it does to you, but you have to trust that when magic is involved, anything is possible. We don't know if it was a spell, or a ritual, or a mutant or even some giant conspiracy that kicked off London's projections, but once we're able to run that down, we should be able to push Amanda back out. Romany and the coven are trying to find a way to communicate with her, since she was able to send some of us messages for help.

Amanda isn't hurt, and we've doublechecked all the hospitals and morgues. Emma can't locate her, even if she was hurt, she'd find a way to contact with us, and we know she's not dead. The only place she can logically be is still stuck in the city. This is deep magic territory, and we've got the very best working on a solution. 'ro, this isn't a security concern for the X-Men, but just in case people start asking 'bout the bus run or any questions, you and the Professor might need to know what's really going on. Angelo, Kurt, Amanda would want you to know the truth, but do not start spreading it around. We've got enough to deal with here without a mansion full of people asking questions and demanding to be involved in something they can't help with. As soon as we have some information, Wanda will be in touch. Otherwise, in the odd chance you get any sort of odd communication that could be linked to Amanda, let us know right away.



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