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To: [boathouse crew]
From: [the boss]
Subject: invitation

So I got a call this morning from Hungary. Elpis has been invited to send representatives to Budapest next weekend, for the dedication service for their bombing memorial. At least a couple of people will be coming from Tel Aviv, but we were specifically invited to bring as many people as we wanted.

I was thinking, actually, I might propose this to the staff as a field trip, get some of the kids and anyone else who's interested to come along too. Certainly, I want to check with Sooraya and Yvette when they get back from this weekend's field trip - I think it would do them both good to see Budapest.

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To: {Crystal}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: That experiment went well, I thought?

I don't know if I mentioned yesterday, but I'm reasonably sure we were going more than twice as fast as your flight speed for parts of that run. I was surprised to note how much trickier it was to gauge speed, though--I suppose I'm more used to the wind in my face than I thought.

The Smetkovs wanted me to be sure to let you know that you were welcome to come back whenever you liked--actually, Gospozha Smetkova had rather a lot to say about how well-mannered you are, particularly compared to their granddaughter, who usually handles the more complicated English for them but has apparently started seeing an unsuitable young man.

Am I forgiven yet for my explosive misadventure?
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To: [MrDayspring]
From: [TheotherotherotherotherRedhead]

Mr. Dayspring,

You seem to have the cool toys. Would you happen to have a large net?

A Mr. Sefton sized net?

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To: [Appleseed], [Roomie]
From: [Firestarter]

Hey guys,

I don't know if you've seen, but Mr. Sefton went and got himself pretty banged up. And he's being a stubborn, silly adult and not, you know, resting. Let's gang up on him, okay? I see a night of movies and ice cream if we can sit on him long enough.

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OOC Note: set before this log starts, obviously.

To: [firestarter]
From: [wicked witch of new york]

Subject: Need a favour... )
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To: [Amanda]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: call your brother?

Maybe you can talk him into taking a bit of a break. I think the painkillers are amplifying his already-present workaholic tendencies. (And yes, I have no room to talk, on a number of front - mine are making me rather happy, too.)

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To: [TMJ]
From: [TRCD]
Subject: Yes, you are.

You wouldn't make me look like a liar in front of the whole school, would you?

It'll be good for you. You did say that you wanted to get back to activism. There you go. Activist.

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To: {Dayspring, Nathan}
From: {Maximoff, Pietro}
Subject: Tonight's business

I've already reported in to Munroe and Xavier, but I thought you might like to know--once your brain has stopped trying to dig an escape tunnel and seek asylum in a tropical paradise, anyway--that your protege has made a number of new friends. They haven't told him if they're affiliated yet (and personally I doubt it; puppyish little wannabes at best) but they're certainly sending the right sort of signals. It's a credible lead, and for what I presume is his first serious undercover experience he seems to have done a fairly good job establishing his bona fides.
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Sorry I didn't catch you today to tell you in person. I have to be gone for a while, I can't tell you why yet. Maybe when I get back, we'll see.

I'm not sure when that's going to be, yet. Might be quite a while, but I'm hoping not that long. The team know where I am, and I'm sure they'll be keeping tabs, so if it gets to be too long... tell them I said to tell you. And don't worry.

See you soon, I hope,

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To: [Pete]
From: [Nate]
Subject: more

Jean's incident report. I asked Ororo and Scott if I could send it along to you and got the most resounding "Duh" look in unison.

Now I need to go practice my speech and possibly, have a heart attack.


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To: [Amanda]
From: [Nate]
Subject: I know this probably goes without saying...

But given that I know you'll be keeping a fairly close eye on Angelo for the next few days... you'll call me if anything comes up with him that I need to know? I actually think it's an outright bad idea for him to be going back to Tel Aviv right now or I'd have asked him to come along. I mean, I'll call him over the weekend, of course, but... well, you know what I'm getting at.

And I must say, 'protective older brother' looks kind of cute on Kurt.



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