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To: [Sooraya]
From: [Artie]
Subject: [A favour?]

Hey, Sooraya,

I'm in the medlab right now. I got transferred back from the hospital this morning. Stuff... kind of happened - the X-Men probably told you that the Brownstone was attacked and I was there. I'm going to be okay, so don't worry.

But I was wondering. Can you bring down my laptop and some of the DVDs on the shelf in Dori and my's suite? I'm sleeping a lot and my head hurts too much for reading (that's normal, they said) but I'm bored now and wouldn't mind watching something. There's futurama and like, a couple of seasons of some really oldschool stuff like Seinfeld.

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To: [angelo]
From: [jean-phillipe]

Headed into city. There was an attack on the brownstone last night. MA said she is at usual clinic.
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To: [staff@xaviers.edu]
From: [marieange.colbert@snowvalley.org]
Subject: artie is in hospital

artie was at the brownstone last night to recover from a powers training headache. we were attacked. he is in hospital with a head injury. artie is stable and will recover but the doctor thinks he will be in hospital for at least several days. i am on my mobile please call for questions since wifi is not secure. apologies for the abrupt message and spelling my arm is in a sling.
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staying on M-As couch 2nite - pwrs training migraine & she doesn't trust me to get home alive. pls tell ppl that im not dead inna ditch. :x


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