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To: [Meggan]
From: [Kevin]
Subject: The pancake's watching me! )

To: [Mushroom Mistress]
From: [Humble peasant]
Subject: Mushroom Madness! )
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To: [Emosaurus], [Metalsaurus], [Glittersaurus], [Roomatosaurus], [Flamosaurus]

From: [Awesomeosaurus]

Subject: New Orleans trip )
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A stack of jewelry boxes tied together with mushroom, star and various other Mario character earrings made out of sculpey and a small folded note tucked under the string on the top box:


It started with mushrooms and got out of hand, but they seemed fitting for you anyway somehow.

Happy Birthday!

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Delivered to Nico Minoru, c/o Xavier's School for Gifted Children via Fed Ex

A package containing a panda shrug hoodie, a gift receipt and a note which reads:


So you can rock your panda without all the eyeliner.

-Waffle Boyfriend
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To: [Pancake Princess]
From: [Full-o-Syrup]
Subject: Lucky mushrooms


I'm not sure why you've been leaving me mushroom pancakes, but thanks. They were awesome. The green ones were a nice touch. :)



May. 12th, 2011 09:25 am
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TO: Angelo, Kevin, John
FROM: Amara
CC: Callie

Hi! So, Callie and I have found a place to move into and it's available from this Saturday, and so we're moving this weekend!

Which is where you guys come in! Or at least your help. We're in need of some strong arms to help us move furniture and boxes and the like. We can promise beer and cupcakes and pizza to those who are available. So if you could help us out, that would be seriously amazing.


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To: Kevin
From: Meggan
Subject: Inner Goddess Gifts!

Thank you a million times over for the getting started on pottery presents! And the sketch, of course, because I love it. I'm about to start watching the DVD.
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To: [Mr. Ford]
From: [John]
Subject: Thanks.

Sorry this took me so long, it's bee kind of a hectic past few days. I just wanted to thank you for my or Nick's or whoever's birthday gift. It's good to get an insight into the guy's life, even though a bunch of it seems to be so... emo. As long as I don't end up with a Justin Bieber CD, I should be straight though.

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To: [Minion #1], [Pretty Lady]
From: [Kill Me Now]
Subject: Do not approve...

So I'm in the process of attempting to explain to Miss Molly Hayes, age twelve, that she doesn't want to know what vibe you two were talking about on the journals. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but dude. Guys. Let's keep the innuendo to bacon or something.

- Wade


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