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To: [Corbo, Jared]
From: [Xavier, Charles]
Subject: Meeting

Mr Corbo:

I wish to talk to you regarding certain aspects of your recent behavior and about your living situation. Please see me in my office today, at your earliest convenience.

Professor Xavier.
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To: [Corbo, Jared]
From: [Wilson, Wade]
Subject: ... )
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[To]: Vanessa
[From]: Super Stud
[Subject]: Your hot friend

What's up, dude?
I totally saw you the other day at Harry's, even though you were sitting in the dark.

Hopefully, you were not alone. Oh boy, your redhair chick is so hot - and so into me, by the way. I can't count how many times she came up to the bar... did she say anything?
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Yo, bro!
I'm still waiting for this paper. It's due today, and I am supposed to go hang out with Trevor (the jock sitting next to me in class). So, please, hurry (no pressure).
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To: [Tall, Dark and Stupid]
From: [Your Savior, no Really]
Subj: How blind ARE you?

You do know I'm IN YOUR CLASS, right? Like seriously, open your fucking eyes once and awhile.

If it's really too damn hard for you, I'll write the fucking paper for you myself. Ask around. I have a high costumer stasifaction raiting. And just to shut you the fuck up, I'll do it for free.

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Pretty much everybody's bitching about me so, am I supposed to apologize or are we cool?
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 To: [Jared]

From: [Piotr]

Subject: (Warren)

Who the hell do you think you are talking to Warren Worthington like that. He does not deserve to be talk down to like that particularly from somebody as idiotic as you. I know that you have probably been yelled at by half the staff but this time I need to add my two cents' worth.

1. Take it from somebody who has never been to College or University that being a drop out doesn't make you dumb just stupid enough to let a good opportunity pass you by.


2. Think about who else might be reading next time you start to abuse somebody on the journal.

Piotr Rasputin

Arts Teacher
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 Dude, I kinda have a situation here. Something really fucked up happened last night... I may have kissed the French guy...
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To: [Carmilla Black],[Jared Corbo],[Kevin Ford],[Yvette Petrovic]
From: [Dr. Jean Grey-Summers]
Subject: New Information

We have new information about the disappearance of your mutations but would prefer to discuss it in person.

If you would like to be informed, please come by the Medlab and talk to either Hank, Amelia, or myself.

Dr. Jean Grey-Summers
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To: [Cammie], [Jared], [Kevin], [Yvette]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: [Information regarding the loss of your mutations]

Cammie, Jared, Kevin, and Yvette,

I do not wish to give you false information. I can only say that what I am about to tell you is true to the best of my knowledge. There is no basis to believe otherwise, but people do not always tell the truth. Still, it is my impression that I was given accurate statements, and so I wish to share them with you.

If what I was told is true, the change that the four of you have gone through is a permanent one. You will not revert back to your original status as mutants, unless of course another event takes place to change this. You should not have to worry about any other complications due to losing your mutations; I have been assured that what was done was meant with noble intentions, to help remove difficulties from your lives.

As hard as it may be to believe, unless something is actively and purposely done to cause you to undergo another change, you will continue to remain without your mutations. They will not suddenly return to you without warning. There is no cause to be concerned about carrying a virus or being the cause of a change to anyone else.

I hope that this information answers some of the questions I am sure you have been wondering since the weekend of the fair and alleviates a few of your concerns.


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To: [All Faculty and Staff]
From: [Dr. Henry McCoy]
Subject: [The "Untouchables"]
CC: [Petrovic, Yvette]; [Black, Cammie]; [Ford, Kevin]; [Corbo, Jared]

Dear Fellow Mansion-Bound Professionals,

It's my astounding duty to announce that- after getting consent forms signed by all the proper parties to avoid a HIPPA lawsuit- the group who has taken to calling themselves the "untouchables" has been released from medical lab. At this time we are not seeing signs of any sort of viral contaminant, however, should their condition noticeably change, please direct them back to my office immediately.

For those of you whom are not "up" on the latest gossip and news from around our little village, on Sunday the 27th four members of our community approached me with news of their gifts no longer working- at all. Afflicted parties include the following:

Yvette Petrovic
Carmilla Black
Kevin Ford
Jared Corbo

All four of these individual's gifts manifested in such a way that they could potentially cause harm to others by touching them, sometimes involuntarily. Presently, they are no danger to anyone, but we do not know the exact cause of this transformation and do recommend caution when around them. Although we have ruled out contagiousness, we are not certain when their gifts will return to normal.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I would be more than happy to answer them at this time.

Sincerest Regards,
-Dr. McCoy & The MedLab Staff

CC: Yvette Petrovic, Carmilla Black, Kevin Ford, Jared Corbo
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To: [Jared]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Trip to New York?

Dear Jared,

Would you like to come with me to New York tomorrow? There is the street fair in District X I would like to see and I think you would enjoy it.


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A large wicker basket, filled with bottles of wine and fruit-flavored liquor from Attilan, is delivered for Jared; flavors include Passion Fruit and Banana, and two of the wine bottles bear the label of the royal vineyard of Attilan. Decorating the basket are pieces of fruit and small cheese rounds. A yellow ribbon is tied to the basket and attached to it is a note. )
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To: [Agent Kane]
From: [Jared]

Subject: about that job...

So, I've been thinking about your offer. Now that I'm settled in, and sort of used to the place and some people around, I thought you could help me out for that job at Harry's. Just tell him I'm fine with night shifts and cleaning up, that kind of stuffs work...
And you may get a draft on me when your favorite team get their ass kicked on TV next time you wanna hang around...
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To: [Jean-Phillipe]
From: [Jared]


Since you're kind of my RA, how about dinner sometime? Nothing fancy... It's just, I could really use the company right now. I can feel people looking at me like a weirdo...
It's either that or I'll stay in my room, drinking...
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To: [Remy]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: Save me. )

To: [Ali]
From: [Lor]
Subject: Kicked out of my own state )

To: [Mom], [Dad]
From: [K]
Subject: I'm fine. )

To: [Alex]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: In case you haven't heard )

To: [Jared]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: Make him read that )


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