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To: Sefton, Amanda
From: Madrox, Jamie
Subject: Bet this is the last thing you thought you'd see in your inbox today.

Do they make olive branches in 'incoherent ramble?' )
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Written on a piece of torn-out notebook paper, left on the kitchen counter weighed down on the corner with a coffee mug. Handwriting is very childish, and the spelling and grammer horrible without a spellchecker.

Dear Marie,

I noe sneeking out like this is gunna look like I'm Hidin again, but something about what you said made me think its time i stoped. I want to fix this an that meens i need to stop hidin from every one, including meself. So I'm going back to me own room, an stayin there, least til they send me back Home. Paige sounds like she needs Someone around, an maybe I ain't the best person, but she's pushing every one els away. I'm her roomie so she wont be able to get rid of me unless I let her. Or at least thats the Ideer.

Thanks for the breather. I'll be seein you around - got too return yer pjs any how. You fed me an you noe wot that means, you dont get rid of me.

Love Trust


ps. Yer blokes a good un from wot I herd earlier. keep him.
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To: Guthrie, Paige
From: Sefton, Amanda

Subject: Roomie-ness.


I just saw you're post, an I wanted to let you know I'm not leaving. Not leaving leaving. Well, not until they pack me off to London next month. I... fuck it, you're making me say it, aren't you? I like being your roomie. An I miss being there. I even miss your post-it notes. *grins* Only I had too get out of the house for a while, sort meself out, an I couldn't do that in a place where I knew people would look for me. I needed somewhere safe private.

I'm on me way back, soon as I send this off. Marie told me it hurt her more too think I was hiding from her, an it made me think that maybe I done that to much this week an its time to stop. So I'm stopping - I might be a lot of things, but I ain't a coward, even tho' you got that nasty left hook with a pillow. Just take it easy on me, eh?

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From: de la Rocha, Manuel
To: Colbert, Marie-Ange
Subject: Feelings


He is a gaping wound inside. He's also forming a bond to you - be wary of transference. But he will not take his own life - of this I am fairly certain.

And one other thing - NEVER ask me to do that again. Not without a significantly higher price. Now, if you will forgive me, I am going to attempt to sleep without screaming.


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To: Sefton, Amanda
From: Xavier, Charles
Subject: Tomorrow

Amanda, I have taken the liberty of arranging your appointment with Dr. Samson for ten o'clock tomorrow morning--his first session of the day, after he has arrived and settled in his room. He will be expecting you, and if you are late, I will remind you of the time.

I will not even attempt to deny that you have made grievous mistakes . . . but the only truly unforgivable mistake is to refuse to learn from them. Dr. Samson is an uninvolved outsider, and one of the most open-minded men I know; I believe he can help you, but only if you allow him to.

Professor Xavier
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To: Espinosa, Angelo
From: Sefton, Amanda

Subject: about last night...

Thanks. For everything. But especially for not telling Pete. What I had in me stuff was enough to get through the night.

Thing is, I read the journals, an the only way I could see to get people to trust me again was to get rid of me magic stuff. Not that I had much with its own charge any way, but still. So I think I might have done meself a disservice.

You can drive, can't you? 'Cause I might have to ask you a huge favour, if I can set it up. I'm good for now, but I don't know how long that's gunna last.

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To: Logan
From: Marko, Cain

Subject: Ramsey

The way I'm hearing things, you might not have directly threatened the kid, but you sure as hell intended to put some fear into him. Now whether that's right or wrong, apparently no one else gives a shit - but from what you said, the kid tried to stand up to you and GET you to punch him out?

That doesn't sound much like the reaction of a guilty party to me. The kid thinks he's done wrong, but the only thing he's guilty of is trying to do the decent thing in a bad situation. And I don't give a damn if it put a speed bump between you and your little girlfriend, you crossed a pretty big line going after him like you did.

Marie's got her own mind - and a few other folks' to boot. If she needs you speaking for her like some redneck defending his prize coon hound, she ain't nearly as strong a person as anyone thinks.

I told Summers, I'll go toe-to-toe with anyone that thinks they're going to get away with causing more violence in this house. Whether that's bringing guns in, hiding some Mafia ties from people, or throwing a kid around because your girlfriend was pawing all over him - it ain't going to fly.

If you think you've got some beef with the kid, legitimate or no, and you want to take it out on him - damned if I'll step in the way when the kid ain't even willing to defend himself. But you won't do it here. Not while I'm around, and I'm going to be around a long time.

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To: Ancato, Marie
From: Sefton, Amanda

Subject: thinking

Its to soon. I know its to soon, but I have to say something at least before things start getting all muddled in me head again.

You asked me if I'd thought about what would happen. To tell the truth, I didn't think at all. Haven't been for a while now. I've been running on magic an feelings ever since I got here an its not a combination that makes for thinking about things. Reacting yes, but not the follow-through. So all I thought of was how sick I was of Ramsey moping around the place like a wet cat, an about how much better 'n me he thought he was with his morals an the whole love thing an... an I wanted to... test him I suppose. Show him he's no different from me, or maybe show meself he is. An if he did decide to use the potion, well, it was gunna be a laugh, right?

Only there was more than Doug involved, an that was the part I didn't think about.

I'm not good with people. Not long term, Never had to be, never knew the same person for long, except for Rack. An he isn't exactly a person. So I don't tend to think about things in the long term, its all about immediate results an then I'm off somewhere else before the shit hits the fan. An there was never a time when I cared, neither, what happened to someone else.

But I'm tired of living like that, it's making me into someone like Manny an I don't want to be that way. You lot here have given me a chance, trusted me, an I threw it back in your faces an I don't deserve another chance, but I'm asking for one any way cause its important to me. You're important to me, or you could be. I'd like too see if that's right, if you'll let me.

I meant what I said, about doing any thing to fix this. You say the word an I'll do it. An if that word's fuck off, then I'll do that to.

I'll keep out of yer face in the mean time. Like I said, its to soon, an you don't need me reminding you of what I done.

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To: Wisdom, Pete
From: ((Angie))
Subject: Amanda's grounding

Mr. Wisdom?

I have a deck of tarot cards from Amanda's magic store, and a few other little things, also, two books on divination. In her post, she said she was locking up all her magic things. Would it help if I turned these over to you for a little while? I can continue to try to test the precognition with the deck of cards that came from the airport bookstore.

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Subject: Guilty Parties

OK, yesterday was a really shit day. But yeah, we need to find out who *did* use the bloody potion, even if Ramsey didn't. Did he have any idea who might have used it, or known about it?

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To: Marko, Cain
From: Blaire, Alison
Subject: Dead as a doornail...


I've killed Lorna's door. She'd fused the hinges and door mechanism, but I couldn't let her hide away and then I found out she didn't even know about the damn potion and- right. Door gone. Sorry 'bout that. Told her it was ugly and needed to be changed anyway. Lemme know if you need my help to get the melted hinges off, she was pretty hard on them and I think some spiked back in the wood somehow. I can probably laser the stuff out for you easily enough, if you need me to.

I'm back to taking care of Lorna. Pager's off until she goes under, but I'll check on email soon.

Let me know if you need anything,
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To: Colbert, Marie-Ange
From: MacTaggart, Moira
Subject: This week

Marie-Ange, consider yourself off the hook for any further testing on your powers. We're close to drawing a conclusion but I've caught your entry about Doug and I know you'll be busy watching over him.

Anything I can do, you have my beeper number. I'll even send up breakfast in the morning (sans my coffee, I promise).

...Marie-Ange...what happened with Logan?

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To: Sinclair, Rahne; Colbert, Marie-Ange; Dane, Lorna; Drake, Robert; Pryde, Katherine; Madrox, Jamie; D'Ancato, Marie; Sefton, Amanda

From: [return address mangled]

I'm sorry.

I know those two words probably aren't nearly enough for the hell you all went through yesterday because of me. And I can't change it, I can't fix it. God, I wish I could. I won't blame you if none of you trust me ever again. _I_ don't trust myself, and it's probably going to be a while before I do.

As a note, my reply address is mangled so that replies will be bounced back to you. I'm not naive enough to think this will stop any of you from making your opinions of me known, just that...I don't know if I'm ready to deal with any of it yet. I don't expect any of you to forgive me. Hell, I don't know if I could handle it if any of you did. I don't _want_ any of you to forgive me...

Because I can't forgive myself. I don't say that to be melodramatic, just a statement of fact.

And I'll understand if any of you would rather never see me again. I can't really look in a mirror right now, so I guess I know the feeling.

Once again, I'm sorry. I know those words aren't nearly enough, but they're all I have.

-Douglas Aaron Ramsey
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To: D'Ancato, Marie
From: MacTaggart, Moira
Subject: Tea?


How're you doing? I'll stop by tomorrow morning when all hell finally calms back down.

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To: Ramsey, Doug
From: Shaw, Shinobi
Subject: Escaping, fleeing, generally being elsewhere.


First things first: I know this hubbabaloo wasn't your fault, and, are you okay? I've got two working ears and shoulders each, if you have need of them, once Cain's freed you from his clutches for the day.

I don't know if you've been grounded or anything like that, but on the off-chance that you haven't, what say we take tomorrow to get out of here and look at cars? If it's a no-go, we'll just postpone 'til you're free, and make a day of it to counter the delay. Maybe catch a movie to mock from the front row, even if that would require a third party to make it feel right.

Oh. And there's a slice of strawberry cake in the 'fridge with your name on it. Ah, quite literally, in fact. If it isn't there when you get in, tell me, and I'll find out who ate it and throttle them accordingly.


To: Sefton, Amanda
From: Shaw, Shinobi
Subject: Nicotine?


I know you didn't mean for this Ramsey thing to go down like it did, luv. Not the kind of person you are. Madrox is stealing Rasputin's Pillock Crown over all this, especially, which just heightens the bizzare factor to the Nth degree, doesn't it? Didn't think he had a drop of tactless arse in him.

Anyway. I have two cartons of fags with your name on them, luv. I'll help you smoke 'em anytime.



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