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Found in the New York Times Online

Alleged Two-Strike Killer commits suicide in jail cell
By: Ethan Kapoor
Published: June 6th, 2011

The woman accused of killing as many as 22 people in the New York City area committed suicide while awaiting assessment for a potential transfer into special custody.

Caroline Alito, 22, was found unresponsive in her cell Monday morning in the Rose M. Singer Center, the Bronx County district attorney's office said in an e-mailed statement, and she was pronounced dead at about 9:15 a.m.

"Alito was alone in her cell, and all evidence collected thus far indicates that she took her own life," the statement said.

Authorities will investigate to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding her death, the district attorney said.
Alito, a high school drop-out and former resident of North Castle, NY, had confessed to the murder of 22 people in New York City between late 2010 and mid-2011. A search of her apartment revealed what one detective referred to as "alarming evidence" of her guilt, and at the time of questioning a weapon fitting the description of the murder weapon was found in her possession.

Although Alito's lawyer could not be reached for comment, Thomas Salem (36), an advocate with victims services group Survivors Against Fear, or SAF, who had known and worked with Alito for almost two years, said he was shocked and saddened by both Alito's actions and her subsequent death.  

"I don't understand why she did what she did, " Salem said. "She was a troubled girl. It was sad. Nothing seemed to work for her."

Alito, a survivor of the 2006 San Diego Earthquake, had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and arrested several times on substance abuse charges. Salem had previously intervened on Alito's behalf to hire  attorney Ed Marshall, 57, and facilitated her placement in court-ordered rehab. She had allegedly been clean for over a year.
Although investigation into the suspect's death is already underway, Alito's lawyer had delivered a letter to the suspect's estranged mother, Judith Alito, which a neighbor remarked the suspect's mother considers a suicide note. Though Judith Alito declined to comment, the neighbor said, "In a way, I think she felt her daughter died a long time ago. This was only a formality."

Despite the confession and evidence collected to date, many feel Alito's suicide prevents them from ever truly gaining closure.

"Countless families have suffered from Alito's actions," said attorney Scott Day. "The impending criminal prosecution was their only opportunity to confront her, and now she has taken that away as well."

Alito was taken in for questioning early Sunday morning after police received a tip she had confessed to the murders. She had not yet been formally arraigned.

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To: [Carlysle, Vanessa]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Tonight

It took some trial and error, but I think we got everything for the spell sorted out yesterday. Meggan and I will be heading to the brownstone around 7 pm and we should be up and running by sundown.
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Amanda will be setting up a magic net with Haller and Meggan tonight to try to find our killer. You two are the quick response team if they find anything. Be in the city and ready to move.
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Blurb found in a free, homemade newsletter distributed to numerous mutant-friendly venues called SOME GUY WITH A PRINTER'S MUTANT NEWS FOR MUTANTS.


X-Factor Investigations hired

Family members of a suspected victim of the Two-Strike Killer have hired X-Factor Investigations to look into the murder of their loved one.

Sources say X-Factor Investigations was integral to the February apprehension of a man suspected in the disappearance of multiple mutants in District X, and who was later taken into federal custody.

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To: [Sefton, A], [Ramsey, D], [Haller]
From: [Carlysle, V]
Subject: Any luck?

It looks like we had less time than we had hoped to have. Another victim was added to the list this morning. Bishop got on scene thanks to an old friend but tracking the killer's scent didn't do us much good. The scent disappeared at the street.

Have you guys had any brilliant ideas by chance? Haller, Xavier nominated you as my new telepath go to guy. He rang me this morning and told me he'd missed the kill on Cerebro entirely. He couldn't manage to pick anything up. I think it was when he found Laura and Bishop at the crime scene that he realized it and called. He seemed to think you might have some sort of epiphany or brilliant insight that he wouldn't come up with. Here's hoping, right?

Lucas and I are still working the typical detective/investigator angle over here. I'm worried we will end up with twice as many bodies before the killer gets killed when they attack the wrong person or, even worse, just disappears.

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Found in the New York Times

Murdered man possible victim of "Two-Strike Killer"
Police investigation intensified

By Harrison Bennet

DeShawn James, 40, was found stabbed to death early this morning.

James' wife Shana said her husband left to walk their dog around 10 pm and never returned. His body was found near West 14th and 6th Avenue at approximately 4 am.

Though police did not disclose any details, witnesses say the victim was stabbed twice, once in the neck and once in the leg. An alleged photograph of the scene, apparently taken on a witness' cellphone, has appeared on blogsite Gawker.com.

While still unwilling to confirm these deaths to be the work of a serial killer, the NYPD have formed a special task force to investigate the death of Margaret and Celeste Hoey. It is expected this task force will also be investigating the murder of DeShawn James.

DeShawn James is the 22nd homicide victim in 8 months to suffer the "two-strike" kill alleged to be the signature of the rumored serial killer. If a single individual is responsible, his victims already exceed those of New York killers Joel Rifkin, Arthur Shawcross, and David Berkowitz.

Continued on Page A3

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To: [Ramsey, D], [Sefton, A]
From: [Carlysle, V]
Subject: Catching a killer

Hey guys,

Bishop (by proxy) and I would like to ask you guys for a bit of help. You may have seen something about the two-strike killer on gawker or other mostly internet news sources over the past few days. Bishop (and the rest of us by his decree) have been hired by a family member of one of the victims now that it's out that this is the work of a serial killer. More than a dozen and a half victims over 8 months. Doug was nice enough to obtain some information for me and as it turns out all of our victims were mutants. Looks like no one knows how the killer knows this, according to interviews with family members (which we technically don't have) not all of them were even known as mutants. Either that or the information was being played pretty close to the chest which means they were at least not out.

We're scrambling to get as much found out and done as possible before anyone else comes up dead. The killer averages two kills a month or so but we don't know if she'll stick to that now that he's been found out, so to speak. I've called Charles and he's going to be hanging out with Cerebro a fair bit to try to get a thread on the killer.

Since we don't know how the victims were located, only what we believe is the criteria, finding who might be responsible is difficult to say the least. Any ideas either of you have from your respective specialties would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, all of use over here at XFI will be doing the beginning legwork to see if we can tie these people together by anything other than their genetic status and work from there. You all know how to get in touch with me via email or phone and should all have Bishop's email as well if you come up with anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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To: [gratuitously fatuous pet name]
From: [your favorite extralegal source of information]
Subject: Results
Attachments: casefiles.zip, labworkups.zip, crimescenephotos.zip

Okay, so. Have a truly gigantic amount of information on those homicides, per your request. I have done some perusing, and found a very interesting tidbit of information that is not public knowledge. All of the victims of this "two strike" killer do in fact have something in common - they are all X-gene positive. This seems to be a fairly new development, though, as a bunch of the victims from farther back were tested in a large batch. Looks like somebody identified a few of the victims as known mutants, and then pushed for back-testing the rest.

Hope that helps.

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To: [Ramsey]
From: [Carlysle]
Subject: Locks are for pussies


I need a favor of a technological sort and you are my only hope of pulling it off. It involves sneaking into where you shouldn't be, stealing me information from The Man, not having to leave your server room and definitely a lot of owed drinks from me.


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Found on the New York Times Online

Mother and child slain in possible serial murder

BY: Jessica Gardinier
Published: May 30th, 2011
RIVERSIDE PARK - The theory that a serial killer is responsible for the recent stabbing deaths of victims throughout the five boroughs gained momentum last night with the apparent homicide of Margaret Hoey and her daughter.

Hoey, 31, was an account executive of Wallstreet firm Kenston & Watts known for taking nightly walks with her 13 month old daughter Celeste. She was found dead near Riverside Park around 9:30 pm last night, the victim of two fatal stab wounds.

Hoey's daughter was found beside her, still in her stroller. She had also been fatally stabbed.

According to Terrence Levinson, the Gawker.com contributor who put forth the theory of an unidentified serial killer two days ago, these "two-strike murders" date back at least eight months, with potential victims numbering as many as 19. However, authorities have been quick to point out the many arguments against this theory. The victims are of no particular gender, class, or race - bodies have been found in multiple boroughs - the victims share no similarities other than stabbing as a cause of death. This degree of diversity is unusual amongst serial killers.

Department spokesman for the Manhattan County Police Antonio Delente has issued a brief statement.

"We have entertained the idea we may be talking about a serial killer," said Delente. "The case is currently under review for formal submission to the FBI. A decision should be made by the end of this week."

Levinson, who remains convinced the murders are committed by a single individual, criticized the NYPD for a lack of centralization and failure to pool its resources, but conceded there are difficulties in doing so.

"There were people in the department who suspected something because the method used [by the killer] was so unique," said Levinson, "but homicides get handled in the precinct they occur. These killings have been all over the place."

But not, it has been noted, outside of New York City’s five boroughs.

Levinson argues that the lack of specific victimology is precisely what makes the alleged killer so terrifying.

Says Levinson, "These attacks are truly random. They've been happening to anyone of any age and any race."

Police investigation of Hoey's death is ongoing.
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Found on Gawker.com


New York City's unidentified serial killer

Terrence Levinson - Why, if a story "bleeds it leads", have none of the major news outlets addressed the serial killer in New York City?

Three weeks ago 23 year old Mohit Choudhury was found dead of two precise knife wounds in Washington Heights. Four weeks before that police identified 37 year old Melissa Huynh, also the victim of a two-strike stabbing. Much like 57 year old Robert Goldfarb, a realtor in Queens who was found dead of, you guessed it, two stab wounds a little over a week before.

Stabbings aren't uncommon. Fatal stabbings, all of which consist of one strike to the leg and another to the neck, are not.

According to sources, in the last eight months there have been 19 homicides that fit this "two-strike kill" pattern. For comparison, in 2010 NYC had 523 homicides. If the stabbing deaths of these 19 victims are the work of a serial killer, a single individual is already responsible for almost 4% of last year's death rate. And they've been happening in every borough.

Don't take my word for it: These assaults are clearly recorded on Spotcrime.com's New York map.


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