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from: [Dominion]

Hey Marie,

Look, I just got back from India, and found a bit of info on one of the searches I've been doing on that Weapon X stuff. Looks like the guy who had oversight over that NORAD radar installation the longest was a Captain William Mayle. He ran it and three others for about twelve years, right up until it got put on standby status. He retired a few years ago, and moved to Dorset in England. I've attached the file and the contact information. When you get a chance, can you go and talk to him. It's likely nothing, but on the off chance that the station was used for something covert, this guy might have some hints about it. I'd go, but I'm eight kinds of jetlag from the flight back, along with a stack of work to do.

Thanks Buellah!

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~::On the ground/no radar sweep coming over border/clean incursion/hotel surrounded by IDF troops::~

~::Executing now[10.26.2009 02:46:55IGT]::~
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[to] Xavier, Charles
[from] USMC Overseas Procurement Office (USAC200-4500B) - Karachi div.


I apologize about the seemingly duplicity, but I'm trying to bury this email off channel, and the Marine Corps outdated and exceedingly busy and boring procurement system is the least monitored and secure method I could find.

I received a private message from Lilandra Neramani through, let's just say, 'unofficial' channels. As she noted in her last letter to us, as a result of her involvement the re-acquisition of Lhendup Rimpoche Lhatsun, her brother organized several high level ministerial appointments under her initiative, and has shown increased trust in his sister.

Thanks to Lilandra, apparently a Sikh politician named Mankaran Singh Shahraj has finally started to organize some effective opposition of Neramani's leading coalition, and has been putting together a plan to curb what he terms as a 'reckless and unnecessarily antagonistic foreign policy'. In short, he's the only man on the table in their Parliament with the connections and pull to hope to counterbalance Prime Minister Neramani's increasingly worrisome aggressive stance.

Shahraj has been on a working vacation in Chharabra, putting together some kind of coalition strategy to present to the other parties that are considering joining his cause. We just got word that a group of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists have seized the Wallflower hotel, and taken every one in it hostage. Including Shahraj. According to some information that Lilandra was privy to, she believes that her brother is going to use this incident (he might have even had a hand in orchestrating it), to make sure that Shahraj is an unfortunate victim when Indian authorities retake the hotel.

Charles, I realize this is starting to edge towards a lot of bounderies for you, but this is a state-organized assassination designed to take the last controls off a man with territorial ambitions, nuclear weapons, a massive military and a mutant strike force of significant power. It can't be allowed to happen.

The Unitied States can't do anything. Even if they knew I was in touch with Neramani, there's no way State or the Joint Chiefs could put together a feasible operation even if they wanted to. But you can. I still have a lot of friends who owe me a lot of favours in the service, and if you're willing, I think I can arrange to get your people in and out of Northern India secretly.

I will completely understand if you say no, Charles. There's nothing to like about this, and it involves risking you and your own in a major fashion. But this is important, and if not us, who?

--Lt. Gen. William Bastion


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