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To: [Dane, Lorna]
From: [Maximoff, Wanda]
Subject: Not dead

I'm not dead, I promise. I'll be in the MedLab for - who knows, until Jean et al stop poking. Come down, bring coffee. Sorry for scaring you.

Love, W.


To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Maximoff, Wanda]
Subject: Ow, fuck, ow.

Awake, not dead, huzzah. Need you to do a once over on the magical no-Chthon bit. It went haywire when I got pulled from my body (see next e-mail); Jean says it looks really pissed off. Red, puffy, and painful.

Considering my body stayed put, I doubt someone was able to sneak in while I was 'out' but better check. Tomorrow, after some real sleep.



To: [X-Force]
From: [Maximoff, Wanda]

Not dead. Awake again and I have my phone. Long story short, a scared telepath contacted Quentin, he got pulled in and then a few of us got sucked in with him. Not fun but we all seem to be in one piece.

I hate everything right now.

(not everything but close enough.)

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[1/3] There is a Canadian passed out on the floor of the kitchen. How do I tell if he's drunk or just unconscious?

[2/3] Do you think I should eat this chicken he left? It's kind of a shame to let it spoil.

[3/3] It smells really good. I mean, really good.
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[1] Heads up, we have a guest tonight.
[2] Lorna's freaking out - not sure what happened, she's not making much sense.
[3] Something about Wanda passing out and she keeps checking her phone for updates.
[4] I'd just take her to her suite but she's sort of clinging to my pillow.
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[1/5] so apparently therere unconscious people laying around?
[2/5] namor said to tell somebody its tacky for drunk
[3/5] people to sprawl out in public areas
[4/5] no idea what hes talking about but figured
[5/5] id pass it on
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[1/2] Archer inform your betters that laying unconscious in the middle of a public room is not just both dangerous and unnecessarily dramatic
[2/2] But also tacky
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[1/6] !!!
[2/6] so I was on the roof
[3/6] above the smoker's porch
[4/6] not creeping, I swear
[5/6] I saw Gabe (I can call him Gabe right, were bros now) pass out
[6/6] Move him? Y/N/I've got him in a fireman carry already
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[1] So like, I felt/heard that thing again today.
[2] Wasn't gonna say anyth but apparently people are passed out?
[3] I mean, IDK, but it def wasn't my fault this time.
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[1/2] Hey, Quentin Quire is unconscious in the library. I kicked him and he didn't wake up so I think it's real.
[2/2] I kicked him again, he's definitely not faking. Need help getting him to the med lab.
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Wanda is breathing but she won't wake up. I found her on her office floor, face down. Send help, I don't want to move her any more than I just did.


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