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What the hell's going on? Radio's blaring about explosions in the city. Intel?
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Had to head out of the city - the Wheeze had some kind of problem. Shouldn't take long to get it straightened out. Tonight, though - you, me, and season four of Leverage.
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I believe I will go to the rally at the Genoshan embassy tomorrow. Dinner afterwards, maybe? There is a new Thai restaurant I think would be very good.
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to: [Frost, Adrienne]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

subject: Protest

I'm not planning to shuffle kids on and off the bus, but I had a talk with Duncan, and he thinks it's a good idea to have a couple of agents 'having lunch' in the area just in case someone thinks it's a good idea to use the protest to make a statement. The office pool has the Brotherhood as the odds on favourite, but the FoH still pays out three to one.

In other words, I'll be down there hanging out with the cops during the protest. You see anything suspicious, give me a yell. So tell your class to be well behaved to the NYPD.

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Bloomberg - The New York Times today published a length expose by Ben Urich regarding the use of mutants in heavy industry in Genosha. The article includes interviews with Genoshan asylum seekers Phillip Moreau, the son of Genoshan President David Moreau, and Jennifer Ransome, his girlfriend who just recently had been identified as a mutant. Both teenagers disappeared shortly after their dramatic arrival at the UN, and the US State Department has said that there is no evidence that either were taken by force.

Urich's article details the use of mutants in the Genoshan workforce, who face a type of industrial draft that sets their powers at the disposal of government owned corporations. He documents examples of rights being curtailed, Genoshan mutants being threatened with violence, increasingly unsafe work conditions and the growing hostility towards efforts to advance mutant rights at the UN.

However, Genoshan diplomats were quick to refute the charges, called Urich's article highly slanted. Commission member Jan Korre, one of the original mutants to help craft the country's policies, issued a statement calling the article 'a distorted window, designed to portray Genosha in a negative light to further US domestic mutant agendas'. During a brief call with the media, Korre outlined Genosha's policies once again, insisting that it has been open with their system for the last three decades.

"This scandal is akin to a Chinese newspaper suddenly 'discovering' Watergate. Genosha's resources are difficult to produce, which led to the first economic based draft of the original mutants of the Commission. Since then, mutant and human Genoshans have worked hard to create a balance between the needs of both populations and accommodate them. As a result, Genosha is a world leader in mutant oriented medicine, architecture, social policy and legal integration."

While the use of mutants as a military force and the 'weaponization' of mutant powers is banned under the US led 'Liberty Island Protocol' by the United Nations, mutant terrorism continues to flourish as law enforcement agencies attempt to come to grips with the ramifications of mutants in basic legal matters. The Obama Administration has attempted to straddle the gap between pro and anti mutant forces in the country, endorsing tougher legal actions following the Day Zero incident in New York City, but also maintaining that mutants born here are still American citizens and entitled to full rights and liberties.

Leaders in mutant friendly communities all over the United States have called on the government to demand answers from Genosha, or cut ties with the tiny nation. Organized under Amnesty International, a protest has been scheduled for this Friday in front of the Genoshan Embassy in Manhattan. The Mayor has stressed that the Embassy is technically Genoshan soil, and NYPD units would be stationed around the building to ensure that any attempts to enter it are discouraged.



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